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Back to work tomorrow after 3 weeks. It seems like 3 months!!

I will feel like the new girl and have to repeat the sentence a hundred times "Yes i feel alot better now thank you". I shouldn't feel like that as they do mean it when they ask but i think it is because i feel guilty for having time off with an incomprehensible illness. I suppose i still feel like a fraud because i feel really well now, apart from a few niggles here and there..

Oh well, i do like my job and probably after ten minutes it will feel as if i have not been away.

Sending positive thoughts to everyone :0)

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Glad you are feeling better and good luck for your first day.


Isn't it great when you wake up and actually feel human for once!Hope all goes well and don't over do it!



It's a major plus point that you actually like your job... I'm sure they'll be really glad to see you and genuinely be glad that you are better...


Work was great. Realised i missed them all. But 5 mins back and felt like i had not been away!!!

Lots of smiles and cuddles from the guys.

Thanks for your comments.

Jill x


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