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First day back to work

well my first day back after being of sick for 3 weeks and could of cried my heart out this morning, the drink feeling I have been getting was 10 times worst this morning and I stumbled loads, so I got a friend to pick me up and take me to work, know deep down I should have stayed off, but feel guilty god knows why, so off I went crutch in one hand and walking close to the wall just incase I lost my balance, finally got though the day one more to go and can stay home and feel safe, when I got home tonight, I cried hate this drunk feeling no matter how hard I try to stay strong sometimes it beats me, and this is one of them, I just wanna feel normal for a while wish this drunk feeling would leave me alone. Everything makes me jump. Things moving beside me makes me feel dizzy and moving my head to quick also send my head crazy the feeling like when u have had to much drink and the room spins . Funny how doctors never seem to know what I mean, when I tell them

Yet people on here do which has made me feel better,

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That great that you have done your first day, take it easy and do not rush your self, you know how much you can do.


Also did my first day back after 4 weeks off, got to 3.20 and just couldn't do anymore so told them I was going home, got home and had hour & half sleep but felt as if I ha donly closed my eyes for a couple of minutes, will see how tomorrow goes, was meant to have a back to workmeeting but that didn't happen today, team leader didn't even acknowledge me, till I said i was going home Why do be bother ? guess the bills have to be paid some how !


You don't sound well enough to be at work. Can you not get your GP to sign you off for longer? I am signed off work and am trying to come up with an idea for working from home as you never know how you are going to be . It is interesting you mention jumpy as I am too. I never used to be pre lupus! Do take care.


Well done for trying to get back to work. I have been sent home once for not appearing well. Have left after not feeling well and now am on a disciplinary.

Previously I have been on an action plan because I have exceeded the number of days off sick, but ironically have been criticised because I have returned to work when I am clearly not fit to do so. Really can't win.

I too am jumpy, get wobbly and incoherent, worry about balance and heights and walking down stairs etc (during flares). The drunk feeling - have been accused of being drunk when not, just unwell - yet another disciplinary which I am fighting.

Anyway, stay strong and positive. Do what you can without causing harm to yourself.

Take care.


Thanks well called in work today couldn't do it today my head is in drunk land and my hole body aches, feel so bad in calling in sick, but what am I ment to do. I don't feel safe on my own legs let alone work from 2 computer screens reall don't help my neck and back, it's bad enough feeling so rough. But why do bosses make u feel even worse, I never lied I told them I had lupus from day one he looked it up on the Internet, before they gave me the job, see now I'm worried about my job so that's more pressure on me when I don't need it,as if lupus ain't hard enough without more stress on top. Thanks for listening at me going on Kelly x


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