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Change in urine

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Recently my urine has a strong smell and is darker in colour than normal. I'm just wondering if anyone else has this or if I should be worried? I am taking amitriptyline on a night (only 10mg) could this be causing it? I also normally take at least 4 anadin a day for pain.Thanks in advance for any replys.

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Hi Megs_tom - you could have a urine infection? or you may not be drinking enough? I just looked at the side effects of amitriptyline and 'sweating' is listed, and of course the weather has been warm, too? So maybe you need to take more fluid?

My key suggestion, boringly enough, is to ask your doctor.

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Thanks for the reply :-) I don't think it is a water infection, ive had plenty of them over the past 9 years and they always start the same way, with pain. I also drink loads of fluid. I just wanted to see if anyone had any idea what the cause is on here before going to gp as it takes a while to get appointment and if people thought it was nothing to worry about I would just keep an eye on it at home if that makes sense :-) xxx

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OK - well I'd still say you should see your GP! I know it is a pain - I hate running off to the GP - but if I had used mine more I might not be quite so unwell now - so I think you should definitely go!

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Ok thanks, I'l ring for an appointment on tuesday (stupid bank holidays lol) just to be on the safe side :-) just sometimes feel like a pest going back and forth if you know what I mean?xxx

Hi read your post and thought someone had written it for me. Sorry I don't have an answer other than to stay I have been the same for last few weeks, noticed my urine smelling and is a but darker (although it is the smell more than the colour). Bizarrely both my husband and one of my sisters have said that my breath smells odd too ( my sister said its not nasty but just an odd smell).

I have no idea if the two are related and like you I don't think it's a water infection as I have no pain or other symptoms.

If you find anything out I would appreciate it if you would,let me know.

Thank you


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Hi Louise, sorry to hear your having the same problem as me! I have also noticed it is ever so slightly frothy as well though not sure that means anything either :-/ but I will certainly let you know what gp says when I go. As for the breath, no-one has mentioned anything to me about mine, though I have a lot of problems with my gums swelling and ulcers. I have not been able to eat on the left hand side of my mouth for a week now and it just painful eating fullstop. Probably good I have a poor appetite at the moment or I would be constantly hungry. Lol xxx

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Megs frothing could mean kidney problem so if the frothing get worse or next time in GP's mention this.

Go to the doctors for years I have had foul smelling urine and no doctor took any notice. I had silent urine infection that I never knew about until I became really ill. Still no one said the smell was associated but since I have been on one antibiotic every day no infection and no smell. So it was a symptom. So at least get it checked. Good luck and keep well.

see your GP it could be nothing always check it out!!!

Hi Megs_Tom.

My Urine went a dark Orange Barley colour and it does now and again and its caused by anemia in my case.

Thanks everyone. I am definately going to see GP about this just incase as I do get quote bad abdominal pain on a morning a lot of the time too, like someone has been playing football with my organs while I have been asleep! Hopefully I will manage to get an appointment this week! Xxx

Hello there

I must admit that my wee is very sensitive to what I eat. Peanuts, peanut oil, onions, peas, coffee.. and a few other things will affect the smell, and hot weather will hugely affect the colour even when I do drink a lot. But it is a very good idea to speak to the doctor and he will probably give you a dip check to rule out any of the obvious problems and send a sample for culturing.

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Thanks for your reply, how peculiar that certain things do that! I don't think I could pin point if it was a certain food but will keep a check and see if I see any links!xxx

Hi Megs_Tom,

When I am in a flare my sweat smells of Ammonia and I get smelly (Pungent) urine which can be pink in colour. This is because I am peeing both blood and protein. I also get a facial, itchy rash and can also get the abdominal pain, as well as random pain any and everywhere. If this is a new symptom for you then you should definitely see either your GP &/or your Rheumy just to get it checked out to make sure.

Hello megs Tom

I hope you feel better soon you clearly have some sort of immune system thing going on

When I was at uni 20yrs ago now, I believe that was when I started to become unwell, I'm not sure if it was the stress my boys were very young the baby being 8 mths old at the time.

I had hair loss , hives, facial rash and neck pains pains in my hands and wrist,contestant urine infections and smelly urine, variations of these symptoms continued until 2004. stress and immune system complaints do not mix try and get you health right and get as much support with course work and family life.

When things are good at home uni work will flow but get well first.

There are immune system diseases that affect the kidneys Lupus being one of them and vasculitis i have both because I didn't understand how I was feeling neither did the doctors and the symptoms went on for ages without any clear diagnosis go to your GP.i wish you well and hope that this is something treatable and you will be back to full vitality

Big hugs:)

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Thank you for your reply. Thinking about things I would say I have never been right medically since having my son nearly 5 years ago, and since starting uni things have gone down hill health wise! I have been really bad for a year now but about 8 months prior to my symptoms starting I had gone to see my gp as I had been feeling really tired and achy, my gp tested bloods for iron and b-12 (I suffered from anemia through pregnancy and for about 2 years after) but as the results came back fine he put it down to stress. At the time I had been finished an intence placement for about 2 months so I was probably at my least stressed time of the year! But I just accepted what gp said and just put up with the symptoms and they went away until this time last year. Now think this was all linked to what I have been going through for the last year.

I am going to have to explain to uni what is happening as it is only increasing my stress and anxiety levels worrying about returning next month!

Thanks again for your reply and your hug :-) xxx

Almost certainly blood in urine. Could be any one of several causes. Important to get checked out tho. I have had blood in the urine (tho not visibly) on and off for two years with nothing done about it. Now find I have bladder polyps and have to have a biopsy.

Thanks again everyone for your replies, it means a lot. This site really helps me feel supported, less alone and less scared. Hopefully I will get a quick appointment when I ring tomorrow, fingers crossed! Thanks again and best wishes to you all xxxx

Hi you mention your family noticed a change in breath odour, are u weeping lots feeling thirst, or having weight loss, if you answer yes to most of these you made need fasting blood glucose reading.

Does you breath smell fruity ? If so you could be burning ketones.

Blood test me thinks may be needed.


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Was this aimed at me? Just it was not me who said about the

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I mean breath

Just an update to say I have made an appointment with gp but it is not until next friday so going to keep ringing this week to see if I can get an earlier appointment!xxx

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