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Has anyone had a biopsy taken of their bladder?

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I've been having bladder problems for a couple of years now. I was referred to the urologist to have a flexible cystoscopy done under local anaesthetic. The Urologist found inflammation in my bladder and now wants to carry out a rigid cystoscopy under general anaesthetic and take a biopsy. Has anyone else had this done?

Samantha x

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I've had this twice to check for interstitial cystitis and for bladder cancer. both tests for me were negative athougth i still have chronic haematuria. my sister has both conditions so they thought was good idea to check me as well. I can't recall any discomfort after the tests so would say not to worry yourself. they give you antibiotics to deal with any resulting infection, but like i said mine went all smoothly. it sounds scary but they hospital team (mine was at the Royal Free in London) were brilliant and the facility there was state of the art. good luck xx

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Thanks JSue for your reply & reassurance.

Hope you dont mind me asking a few more questions. Do you suffer any other bladder problems apart from the haematuria? & do you receive any meds for this? My problem is with the urgency that I need to empty my bladder.

ps as i recall it was a day surgery (afternoon or morning appt), so was all over and done quite quickly.

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Yes thanks, I've had my pre op assessment , so being booked in for day surgery. x

i had had swelling of womb and had to have biopsy came back normal nothing to rurry about and thay no pain afterward i came back from thether got washed dress and wanted to go home i was fine , i now have bladder problems and waiting to go to see specialist ,,,

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Thats good your results came back normal. I hope that you dont have to wait too long to see the Urologist. x

hi samcam i cannot answer your question yet but im going for a cystoscopy end of aug,whats that like? x

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Hi poodlegal, is it a flexible or rigid cystoscopy your going for?

Its the flexible one that I had, which uses a local anaesthetic, didnt feel any pain, just a bit uncomfortable (I would say that it wasnt even as uncomfy as having a smear done). The nurses were very nice and kept talking to me throughout the procedure, which took my mind off it a bit. The Urologist also filled my bladder with water. The procedure only lasted about 10 mins. The Urologist gave me my results there and then. They dont let you home until you have passed urine, which was no problem for me, as soon as I left theatre I had to dash to the loo immediately, LOL!

Good luck for your appointment. x

thank u samcam its felixable x

This past January I had another UTI that was treated with Cipro (a 5-day course). I went back to my GP a week or so later and although they said my urine was clear, I asked if it still showed microscopic blood (I always have blood when a UTI hits me). They said blood was still present, but would eventually go away. I waited another 2+ weeks, went back and same thing, microscopic blood. So, though terrified at the thought of what it might be (I have health anxiety!), I consulted a urologist. I don't think I can explain it, but this lady put me at ease right away, to the point that I thought even a serious diagnosis such as cancer would not freak me. She really knows her stuff, and has a way to calm her patients. Anyway, to begin with she told me that many people have blood in the urine and do not know it. In nearly 80% of the cases, it is nothing to worry about, but of course it must be investigated and serious conditions excluded.

So the day of the cystoscopy I was terrified but tried to maintain my composure. The procedure was not painful and did not last long. In fact, I believe the preparation took longer than the actual cysto. She asked me if I wanted to look at the screen and I quickly said, "No", afraid of what I might see (yep, crazy perhaps, but that's how I am wired, lol). Within what seemed like seconds she said, "Oh yeah, cystitis cystica and trigonitis.... pretty bad too".

Translation.... chronic bladder irritation to due to poorly managed UTIs. She put me on a six-month low-dose antibiotic, one every night before going to bed. She also gave me a "bladder diet", which, in all honesty, is tough because there are so many food you cannot have. I believe it is similar to the diet followed by those who have IC (some believe that IC and what I was diagnosed with is the same thing, but my urologist disagrees - and now I understand why). I had to eliminate all fruit juices, no alcohol, most fruit (including apples!), no dairy products, no carbonated drinks (including carbonated water), no coffee and no tea (even if labeled "caffeine-free), no chocolate, no sugar. She said that in time I would be able to re-introduce these foods, but to go slowly at it because one or more of them could irritate the bladder. What I have found is that coffee is the worst for me. Using the dipstick, my urine is finally free of microscopic blood, but it tooks some 4 months. I stopped taking the antibiotics approximately 5 months after I started (on my urologist's advice). However, if I drink more than two cups of coffee a day for a couple of days, it returns, so I try to keep from drinking more than one cup of coffee every few days, and I drink a lot of plain water.

Sorry for the very long reply, but I hope it will help you or someone who is worried by similar issues. :-)

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