Anyone else had to have a scalp biopsy?

Just had to have 2 scalp biopsies yesterday afternoon due to my extensive hair loss. Sooooo painful and now the anaesthetic has worn off it's excruciating and not to mention the continual bleeding. Couldn't lie on the two areas ( back of head and one side) due to the pain so sleep was difficult. Has anyone else had this and if so what did you do to help with the pain, stop the constant oozing of blood and get some sleep??

Thank you xxx

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  • Morning Belee, I'm so sorry you are suffering in this way. I've not experienced this treatment but I would assume that the wounds should not continue to 'ooze' blood and also you should get some pain relief in order that you can sleep, I would ring the hospital who performed the biopsies, or at least your GP.

    All the best.

  • I haven't had this but feeling for you! How much hair were you losing for them to do a biopsy?? I've been losing hair continuously for the past few years but no one suggested I should have this.

  • Thanks slowmo, will ring my GP this morning. I've lost about two thirds of my hair purpletop....not sure what they're hoping to see from the biopsy but hoping that something positive will come from this ordeal! X

  • I have had a scalp biopsy, that is how i got the diagnoses, i now have red hairless spots from the lupus, about 2 years ago. still have spots on my head the doctor says the hair will not grow back in those areas. Just loseing the hair should not require a biopsy unless you have the red spots or other spots on your head. Did the dr, tell you what they are looking for, i had stiches in mine.

  • HI Belee

    I totally sympathise with you, I too have had scalp biopsies and suffer hair loss and sores on my scalp, I suffered after my biopsies and saw my GP's practice nurse who dressed the wound sites with special dressings that did not need sticking with tape as I had such sore scalp but they held themselves in place - like the ones used on burns patients. From the results my consultant was able to give me a cream that cleared the sores after suffering from them for years I still have the hair loss but have got used to this and it saves me a fortune but I have noticed recently now that my scalp is healthy that I do have some tufty regrowth.

    I hope that your scalp heals quickly and you notice regrowth too,

    good luck

    Madmagz x

  • Thanks madmagz, have seen my GP who has redressed my wounds and given me strong painkillers. Glad to hear you've seen some positive results since your biopsys. Am now feeling hopeful! Xxx

  • Hi Belee glad you are feeling hopeful now and that you have had your dressings done, with luck this has made you more comfortable. I hope that you soon get some good news from your biopsies and can go on to get some treatment that helps your skin and hair loss.

    Good luck and all the best

    Madmagz x

  • Hi Belee. The wounds shouldn't be bleeding and although I know that scalp biopsies can be very painful some fairly strong painkillers should help. Seek advice urgently from hospital who did biopsy. I've had several done for a condition called Folliculitis Decalvans which, I'm told, is not related to any of the other autoimmune problems I have. Have you got or had severe and painful lesions on your scalp which ooze and then crust over and dry, taking all the hair with it when scab comes away? Good luck, but seek advice.

  • Thanks Foss, I've seen my GP so feeling a little better now. I don't have scabs on my head but sometimes get bleeding spots/lumps and there is hardly any hair left to come away!! Xxx

  • Hi I've had several done but I've taken loads of string painkillers to ease the pain but I've not had the bleeding .. Are ur stitches ok ? I wouldn't leave it too long but get it checked out .. But take the painkillers regular that mite help with pain ..

  • Hi Michellew, thankfully the bleeding has stopped and the nurse says the stitches are ok. I'm taking strong painkillers 6 hourly which helps but the only thing is that both sites are too painful to lie on in bed. One is at the back of my head and the other is on one side so Sleeping is still an issue which is making me incredibly grumpy! How long was it before you were able to lie on them? Xxx

  • I've had a double biopsy in same area and another on on another part of my scalp it took a few days to adjust but got there in the end just keep up with the painkillers and ull notice in a few days

  • Thank you xxx

  • I had scalp biopsy two days ago, and was really scared about having it, as I am dead scared of needles, but it was OK. Initially, as the needle goes in it stings, but as soon soon as the needle hits the scalp, the numbing starts really quickly, and then all you feel is movement in your head, but no pain. After about two hours, the numbness wore off, and then all I could feel was a slight pulling where the stitches were, for which I took paracetamol. Today (48 hours later) I was able to wash my hair, but had to be careful of the stitches. I have to go and get the stitches taken out at my own doctor's surgery after one week. I would say to anyone having the biopsy not to be afraid, it sounds much worse than it is, honestly. (and that comes from a coward, when it comes to any kind of surgery!)

  • I've just got a letter through telling me I have one on Tuesday. I'm terrified. These may sound like stupid questions but how much do they take away? Are you left with a large bald patch? I feel like I should have asked more questions and feel very unprepared!

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