helo all you great people!!!!!!

helo all you great people!!!!!!

if youre on facebook please send me a invite im under hester jacobsz. you wil regonise my photo. im standing with my darling hubby. if youre on my fb i will talk english so you can understand all im saying. i talk so much about you all cause youve been a godsend to me. its just a fact that you get more info from people with this illness than books. i truly considder you very close friends. may you have a super week ahead. xxxxx

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  • Have done Hester :)

    Have a great day.x

  • hi jinny. ive gotten your friend request and added you. thanx a million. what site did you open in s.a? i didnt know you could? i have inboxed you via fb. hope to hear from you soon. sorry i sound so irretable. dnt know why im so on edge these days. lack of sleep and terrible meds side affects dnt help either. thanx for understanding, it doesnt go by un noticed.

  • i will send friends req 2 xx

  • hi hester cnt seen 2 find u on face book please if u got time will u friends req me xxx

  • if it helps im standing with my hubby, hes tall dark hair bokkie beard and me dark curly hair. i typed gummy and the results are sooooo cute. please give me a name and last name. hugs xxxxx

  • okay angel, whats your name on fb?

  • hi hester sorry my name gail wall sorry lol

  • Hi, nice to hear somebody from outside the UK. Tried to find you on facebook but could not find you. Please can you add me. Helep Payton-Jones

    We are due a lot of rain over the next couple of rain but with the heat its awful and I will probably be a soggy mess LOL.

    Best wishes Helen

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