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Financial problem for people with Lupus?? You know the medications aren't cheap at all

I want to talk about the financial problem that maybe some of us are having right now.

I'm 24 and I'm working in my own business, and the money is good, not a lot of money but it's more than enough for people at my age. I make twice or sometimes 3 times than a standard employee payment in a company.

I still live with my parents. My parents are still working and I still have my parents pay for my medications. I don't come from rich family. I don't live in UK. There are some issues I found that people with SLE will face :

1. I don't think a company would hire someone who had disease. First, the problem with health insurance that company provides, second, why would a company hires someone who could be sick anytime and not productive? I don't want to be skeptical but if I am the CEO I wouldn't hire sick people too.

2. I can't join health insurance. Insurance needs healthy people to join them. And usually they targeted young people because they are healthy. In my country there is also a goverment program for everyone so they could get free health treatment in hospital. But the situation is just like in economic, if you want free items don't expect it to be good. For now, I can afford the medications. Thanks God.

I'm sorry if my post sounds so skeptical and complaining about work. But, by writing this I just want to learn maybe you have some financial tips for our condition? Or what kind of jobs are you having with this condition? Since we are not allowed to be too tired.


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I'm sorry you wouldn't hire 'sick people..'.

If people suffering with illness would refuse to hire 'sick people', where can we find hope and improve working environments?

Knowing how hard I worked, yes, even whilst suffering autoimmune disease, I would definitely hire 'sick people'.

I would know they are dedicated to their job and very grateful to be employed.

Furthermore, they are perhaps, more unlikely to use 'sick absence day', for hangovers, catching a plane, duvet day.... you get the picture?


Hi thanks for the reply. Im sorry I understand your opinion for people with lupus since young age I think would find it harder to go into big companies that offers health facilities. I don't mean that no one doesn't want to hire us. But I think companies that offer health facilities wouldnt hire us. Except we are so special and have special skills or something.

What work are u in?how to handle your work with your condition?


I have 10 items a month none of which I could buy for less over the counter so £104.00 a year is a small price to pay for my meds. My husbands company has private health that covers me but still have to pay excesses. He pays 40% tax because he has a company car and £300 every month NI so I try to use the NHS

My job before I left work was NHS

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If health insurance only have the healthy and young, why people needs health insurance?

If companies or organizations only hire heathy and young, what are the sick and older people do for living?

You are describing a society without illness and aging which may be full of robots only?


Hi. Thanks for the reply. No I dont mean that sick people cant work, but my own experience, when the insurance agents look for young clients they want a healthy clients. I know some people that have insurance to pay their medication, they register before they got sick. Aging is something that will happen to everyone. But I'm explaining in my point of view for young age like me that already got sick.

My point to write this is actually to ask about how people with this condition handle their financial problem and find balance between work and health. Since Im new in work life so I want to know how to handle this.


The thing is more that insurance companies don't cover preexisting health problems.

Or people who are more prone to issues have 'loading' charges, more expensive insurance.

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Yes that is my point. It happens to me. So Im looking for a way to save my money more to buy medications.


This is very sad medication is expensive £8.60 per item that's why I pay a £104.00 for a pre paid card

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Yes it is expensive. I dont live in uk so I dont know about pre paid card. But 8.6 per item is so expensive. I never got that expensive.


Firstly, I'm not sure where you are, but no two people with this condition are alike. Some people have severe illness. Other people the illness is mild and easily controlled, therefore you seem to be able to work perfectly fine. You have an illness and you run your own company, but are you saying you wouldn't hire a sick person, even though you are sick yourself? Then how is it you're doing what you're doing now? Perhaps the solution is to expand your own business so you ARE a CEO...while also expanding your mind so you don't write someone off, just as you wouldn't want to be written off yourself.

In Indonesia, there has been growing support for protections of people with disabilities and illness, as they are trying to get in line with UN guidelines. I would suggest you get VERY familiar with your legal rights in your country. Yes, you're right, there are employers who wouldn't hire a 'sick person', even with laws across the board against discrimination, however, if you DO have those laws where you are, they can help back you up if you face bias in your employment. Search the internet, maybe get involved in a disability rights group in your area, and get informed, because you will need it.

I don't know what sort of support there is in your country for disability. As has been mentioned, insurance rarely covers any of that with pre-existing conditions. And as you've said there's programs for getting treatment, but I have to question whether you really think the treatment is 'free' (it isn't) and therefore not any good - what you're describing sounds like the NHS and while it has its problems, it's still very good. Or is it that some treatments are out of the scope of your country's medical plan? Could you perhaps get treatment on this government subsidy unless you NEED to go private? A lot of people here do this if they need to.

If you can get the medication you need through the government programme then, by all means, do so and save your money for when it's really required. Consider ways of furthering and expanding your business, since it's going well - stay your own boss! That way you work how you want and need to, and make up your own rules. Expand, hire help, and grow.

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Hi. Thanks for the explanation. It really helps me to open my mind.

What I mean by dont want to hire sick people is when usually we go to find a job in a big company, like multinational company or something like that. (Sorry I couldnt find the exact word), usually the have health test and asking about if we had illness. I dont think they could hire sick people even though we are in a good condition and still be able to work. But I dont say that we cant work anywhere. We still can work maybe at a small business, being a freelancer. Or in my case I have a small business and yes I am the owner but dont expect it like a big company hehe we dont really have ceo position. For now it is still growing and Im still a self employeed with 2 employeers.

Actually I live in Indonesia, I never heard of that legal rights about protecting 'sick people' or even if it is true it is not running very well. Because none of people ever mention that. If you are familiar with Indonesia, I mean the program is BPJS. Yes it was good program but this is the story that I heard from other people. If you use that, the doctor will give the cheaper medications and the hospital will offer less service than if you go without that program. And my family decides not to use that because we still be able to pay.

Maybe Im just concerning too much about this financial. Because considering I have worked for 3 years, it means Im new, but thanks for the suggestion. Yes. For me the best that I could do for now is trying to expand my business, but sometimes I find it so hard to find balance between work and health.


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