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You are all inspirational people

I read your blogs and questions, and realise that I have only mild LSE, I am still mobile although with digestive, CNS involvment and the proverbial brainfog I carry on. But reading what you have to say can only count my blessings. which I do, I promise, each day. I had started watching Sky One All Star Christmas Presents and found myself enraged that no one with potentially life threatening or debilitating desease are mentioned.

So,I take this opportunity to congratulate each and every one of you for getting through this one day and to most sincerely hope that the days of this celebratory season are good for you, even if you have to lie to friends and family just a bit!

If a fairy gave me only one wish, it would be to be of some help to each and everyone of you, but sadly that is not on the cards. So, I can only wish, that for this season and for the forthcoming future, you keep well and enjoy Christmas to the very best of your ability.

My love to you all.

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What a lovely message, thank you Kathin, I wish you a happy and peaceful christmas-time and may the new year be good to you.



Hope you have a lovely Christmas too xx


Thank you,

May you you have a wonderful Christmas & Happy Healthy NEW YEAR

Love & Sunshine

jan x


What a truly heart warming message. Thank you from us all! Merry Christmas and jingle bells to you all x


A really lovely and kind message, thank you very much. We all live in hope of a cure being found, but until then the kindness of people on this blog are what keeps spirits up and keeps us going, especially over Christmas, so a very big thank you x






That was very kind. Don't mean to be a wet blanket, honest. But my SLE COMES WITH CONTINUNG blood clots. Just had another stroke , this is the 3rd 2 heart attacks , or on brain heart n lungs. I only mention this because its your prayers I'm looking for!

There are so many varieties of lupus, being a white male, just my luck, could win the lottery, my chances are greater winning that!

Thank you ahead if time for your prayers , I'm not looking for sympathy, just a kind assurance from people I can be blunt n honest with. Feel like I'm a time bomb, just ticking

Thank you for letting me vent !

Ya rock

David from the US. You rock !!!


You will be in my prayers David I cannot imagine the uncertainty that you live with on a daily basis. You, sadly seem to be living with the worst kind of sle imaginable.

Inspirational, you are brilliantly so!

Sorry to take so long to reply, am in middle of flare for past 6 days and have just got back use of one finger on each hand.

My prayers, thoughts and very best wishes to you



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