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housing priority !!!??

Another question on housing ............................. If i could no longer afford to rent privately , would the council have a legal responsibility to help me !? I think with fibro and lupus i would be classed as a vunerable person!!!???

Or if the rented property no longer supported my needs !!!???

Any one out there have personal experience or knowledge about this !!!???

I am gonna ring CAB tomorrow and hopefully get some advice .

Thanks in advance xxxxxxxxxx

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it depend my GP wrote in support of my claim for housing veryones lupus has a different level of disability but it should help but you may need proof from your gp or consultant. good luck


Good luck Larissa,

I would say the same,,get all the support you can first of all from your GP,,This must also be quite worrying for you.The CAB Will be helpful.x


No council dont really help ive been waiting for over 3 yrars for help with being moved to an adapted house or even having my house where i am living adapted even with my social worker and doctor supporting me but then maybe yout area will be better


It really does depend on the severity of your needs. Purely being financial doesn't count unless you're homeless. I know that councils' do have a discretionary fund where they will help people to make-up their rent when renting privately, but this is not a long-term thing. You can claim housing benefit if you work but are classed as having a low-income.

In my case I was housed in social housing when I became a home dialysis patient, so this pushed me up the list on medical grounds. Also, I had to have a shower fitted which I eventually got (but not an easy request).

See what the CAB have to say as everybody's circumstances are different. All the best.


I used to work at a disability advice centre and can tell you there is no hard and fast rule around responsibility for housing based on having a chronic illness. however, if your doctor gives you a letter (or maybe it's a form to fill in - i'm a bit out of the loop now) you will have Points added to your score. The score is where you are in terms of priority. Then, according to your local council, you will be assigned or required to BID for a property. So overall, if you are disabled or have a chronic illness then it does "help" but it does not guarantee housing. Good luck.


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