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Zenvita hydroxychloroquine


Today I tried to get my prescription for zenvita hydroxychloroquine and was told they no longer can supply me.but I could have a generic quinoric instead. But like before when they stopped plaquinel. I found I could not tolerate quinoric. The side affects are to awful. Does anyone know were I can get zenvita, I am even prepared to pay for it myself. Now I do not know what to do, as I am not prepared to go onto the generic again. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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Hi I had this problem and can't tolerate quinoric either, I went to a different pharmacy and got them, they order zentivia for me now. I believe the Quinoric is a cheaper brand. Worth trying elsewhere x

Boots chemist gets for me ok just that have to order in each time

I can't tolerate quinoric either, I take another generic by "BLACKROCK PHARMACUETICALS". It's a plain white box with "hydroxychloraquine sulphate film coated tablets" printed in red. The tablets are a yellowish colour, and they have no taste - unlike quinoric and other generics that taste vile. And most importantly they dont give me gastro issues.

My pharmacy knows I won't take anything else and order these for me, apparently they cost the same so no reason to refuse.

Anyone having trouble with hydroxychloraquine should try these as another option.

The chemist that delivers my prescriptions looked for plaquenil and rang me back when they'd found a company that would supply it. I'd rung them to let them know they'd sent me the wrong brand and they dealt with it very well. The suppliers they use at the moment are Blackwell Pharmaceuticals Ltd, yellow tablet and Bristol Labs, a white tablet. There are suppliers out there, ask around Lucy and speak to your gp

Quinoric gave me unpleasant side effects as well so it was a big relief when I'd thought quinoric was all that was available....its not so and all is well, panic over. My gp made sure plaquenil was on my script so the same mistake doesnt happen again

You need to shop around your pharmacies, it depends which warehouse they use for their drugs x


I changed chemist after calling round and got one that would provide the one I needed even they a couple of months ago asked if I would change and I said no my quality of life has changed completely now so would be devastated if I had to go back to quinoric my surgery also put on my repeat prescription the brand (zentiva) that I need and also saying not quinoric so worth phoning round as previous people have said hope you get sorted

Hi Lucymay

Sorry to hear of your problem with your medicine. Can I ask what side effect/s you had with quinoric? Thanks, hope you get the one that suits you.

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