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Shoulder flare up

Had a really bad flare up in the back part of my left shoulder blade, yesterday evening and during the night, very painfull ! even breathing caused discomfort for while, sneezing / coughing was definatly not a good idea. and although it was left shoulder blade, at one point had trouble drinking my tea as using right hand pulled on shoulder. But can drink tea now !!

Shoulder blade not painfull anymore but uncomfortable and i.m quite tired.

Just wondering if anyone else has had a flare up in there shoulders, this isn't my first one, but at least this time I could still move my arm.

Had day off anyway today, so that was ok, but will go to work tomorrow and see how things go.

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For me the joint that hurts first and worst is my right knee. Soon as it plays up I know that I am about to go into flare. Don't know why - just think it is a sensitive joint and gets effected quicker than any others.


Hi i get flare ups in my shoulders more than anywere .Sometimes its the joint sometimes its the shoulder blade usually have realy bad pain for about 12 hours no painkills help but then it starts to ease but is sore for a few days hope it gets better soon x


I get bad flare ups in shoulders..fingers..wrists and ankles :( I've just had 3 days with no pain now my fingers are flaring again..which means Im completely useless as can use my hand at all...still waiting for referral to rhumey doc..i been waiting ages xx hope your flare up goes down soon x


What you need to remember is that, clavicular, trapezius, and intercostal muscles are all very much interconnected, when u injury one side, you quite. Naturally overcompensate with the other which invariably leads to an potential injury. Also because te intercostal muscles attach from front to back, it hurst when you breath in leading to shallow breathing because of pain, hence it feels difficult to breath. Hope this explanation helps


Yes, both my shoulders hurt and all muscles in my upper back hurt too. Have to sleep on my back which I hate as I feel vulnerable! Naprosyn helps a bit. When it is not so bad I get trigger point physio which helps. Hope you better soon.



It is unlikely but possible that shoulder pain is a sign of something happening in the liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, lungs, or pericardial sac (the connective tissue bag containing the heart).

Referred pain does indeed occur. If there are other symptoms along with shoulder pain get checked out by a doctor.

Best to be certain shoulder pain is just shoulder pain.

Take care. Be well.


Hi , Thank you all for advise and information, will certainally take it all on board. Flare up in shoulder lasted in total just on 24 hrs, Will see how long before and where the wolves attack next. averaging 19 main flare ups in 11 weeks not counting the daily mild aches and grumbles. Hope you all Keep well


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