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Flare up with emotions !!!!!!

Had bad flare up yesterday, left hand looked like a rubber glove that had been blown up, but it was the right hand that had the pain in the joints, very odd, along with various little joint pains during the night, but today have been very emotional, tearfull, and frustrated, and a load more as well, was diagnosed last June, and yes have felt all the various emotions, but not all in one go,

I guess this is all part of what we have, but when it all comes at once boy do you know it

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know what you mean,its been a year for me 2,sometimes i accept it other times i hate it,dnt want to accept it,feel down angry etc,do you have good supportive friends and family? sounds like you need a big hug-sending one too you :-) xx


Hi poodlegal, thanks for cyber hug, family and friends seem supportive though maybe not fully understanding, husband has been off work since middle of Jan suffering from severe depression so he seems so wrapped up in him self, that if I am having bad day, his has to be worse, but knowing you can have a rant on here with like sufferers does help. Thanks XX


Hugs from me too. I understand. Hope you have a better day tomorrow. I sometimes have days similar to you too. I do not know why it happens, it just seems to. x


Hi Looy-lou thanks, it's good to know that its not just me, guess some days it all catches up, and that its all part of this illness

Thanks xx


Hi Lupydragon

hope you are feeling better today. I know what lupus can do when symptoms hit you all at once. I have had the illness for over 15 years and even now i get angry

and frustrated with it keep going xx


I have had Lupus for many years and have had periods of depression, last year I retired from work due to ill health and I have periods of bursting into tears at the slightest thing.

I was living with a good friendship group, but now although I have my other half (he is at work all day) I often feel so alone. I really need to get out and meet people here but it isn't that easy. Thankfully my friends in the Midlands phone me daily. I get angry with the illness because it caused me to give up work, I couldn't function properly and it was the best cause of action, but there are days when I wish I was still there.

I fully understand how you feel, most of us go through periods like this I send you a ((hug))


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