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Weight gain with severe flare up?


Is this uncommon I haven't heard anyone say this happens to them.Okay I est like a bird here and there never big meals small snacks all day .I'm usually 120 thats my average weight.But at the beginning of a flare up my whole body swells.Then its as if I am eating a lot tho I actually slow down and dont even snack I more like nibble here and there.I get ulcers during a flare up as a phase that passes.After this phase I feel better in a month to 6 weeks.Then it's like bam!! Weight falls off without any change in diet just like how it came on.And within 2 months of feeling good I weigh between 115 and 135.Am I the only one this happens to??The picture is my normal weight I now weigh 160!!!!This has happened to me 6 times with every single flare up it never fails and always falls off .The picture is me 2 months after a flare up I thought might just kill me I didn't know I had lupus. I was convinced I had cancer and the doctors cannot find it.

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Yes, I find that my weight yo-yo's horribly, despite my daily diet staying much the same! I have two very definite sets of clothes for when I am reasonably flat stomached and my eight and a half month pregnancy look days. But I have to say that you look pretty gorgeous in your photo! Here's to a good (flat) day! X

Well thank you but thats just my face lol I carry weigh well too but I'm used to being much smaller.The hat I usually wear normal to block the sun as well lol

The picture I posting your talking about thats after a flare up I go back down

Am glad you said that - hadn't connected my yo-yoing weight with Lupus until now ( I am very wary of blaming every problem on Lupus since the period when I was in terrible pain, put up with it for weeks, then, on my next visit to consultant discovered it was a spinal injury! ) My consultant's comment was "Don't blame EVERYTHING on Lupus". Thanks for your post.


Hi Julietsmombless2015,

Here is what 'The Lupus Book' by Daniel J Wallace says about weight gain in lupus;

"Evidence of active lupus often results in the administration of corticosteroids (e.g., prednisolone), with subsequent weight gain. If your doctor has detected large amounts of protein in your urine, you have what it termed "nephrotic syndrome". Seen in up to 15 percent of those with lupus, this also results in weight gain."

Yes they found a lot of protein in my urine they were testing because of my stones.Gosh that sucks.They were worried about my kidney function but they seem fine.

my weight literally goes up and down within 1 or 2 weeks 15 to 20 pds??? Drives me crazy!! I hate it..Use to be real thin... has killed my self confidence..

My weight falls off after my flare up I go down to 115 to 120.

Hi! Indeed, my weight can go from 48Kg to 64Kg (My "regular" weight: 54Kg) when in and out of a Lupus flare. A combination of steroids, more rest/less active, nauseas due pills, vomiting due treatment and gastritis,the anaemia, feeling less/more hungry.. I always keep a healthy diet.

It's like my hair. Sometimes I can be loosing tons of hair, others just the normal amount.


lonelyone in reply to Dalilatm

Amen to that! Yep. :(

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