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added details to any ideas

My Niece has developed a immune disfunction, but the doctors have no idea, what it is. About 6 months ago, she felt really tired, and her joints hurt. She has bloated up with fluid retention and has put on a lot of weight,

I have Lupus, my sister has thyroid, and my other niece has daibieties.

The specialists have found a thyroid involement, and some defficiencies in the blood tests.

( she had kidney problems when she was younge, having a large cyst removed from her kidney)

Sadly she has not been able to work since this began, and the specialists are back to square one as to what the problem really stems from.

Has anyone any ideas?

Blood tests, xrays and scans have been done, and a calcium and vitamin d deficency have shown up.

It is just awful to see a bright bubbly younge woman transform to twice her size, hardly able to move around, and so tired

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By what you are describing sounds very much like Lupus! The weight gain is something I can relate to as this happened to me. Also your nieces vitamin D deficency points to Lupus! I have heard that some people do have Lupus but their bloods come back normal! Is she seeing someone who deals with the immune system only? Have they tested her for Sjogrens Syndrome? I have this aswell as Lupus. I have been thinking about your nieces vitamin D levels & I have had this & have had to have injections for it. You say that they are saying some deficencys have shown up & she has immune disfunction .... I would have to go back & ask to see the results from her blood tests & push them for an answer! If she doesn't get any satisfaction ...... then I would want a second opinion for which she is entitled to! The sooner they get some answers the sooner she can start taking medication to help with the symptoms she is suffering from! Also to ask about blood tests coming back not showing anything if he / she thinks it's possible to have Lupus & it not show up in her blood tests? I wish her all the very best of luck & hope she gets some answer soon! Let us know what happens please.


Thank you for your reply, i also have sjogrens, and lupus, and i like you have asked if the specialists can re check the blood results, she goes back to her GP tomorrow, so i am dearly hoping that something will happen very soon, it totally unexceptable to go on like this, i feel sure the specialists and doctors would be not be very happy with such negative results if it was happening to them or their family.

Thanks again for your reply, i shall keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow.


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