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New Goof GP, and his ideas on lupus



Been waiting on a new GP for me...Well he arrived, but they can have him back!!!! He doesnt listen, he calls down other gp, says mild lupus does not exist...a real strange guy! I was seeing any gp available before, cause a shortage of gp here, and my lady gp went back to Africa couple years ago now...I had a bladder infection about a month ago...they gave me one kind of antibiotic that almost did me in (use to be ok), and then off that one ,and on to another which was sort of ok...Took yogurts and broad spectrum of probiotics, but still something happened to gastritis...So im on high ZAntac right now.....But I always mention I have mild lupus, incase they don't know...He said no you don't, there is no such thing...He said he disagrees with diagnoses of mild anything...He said if I had lupus my kidneys would be involved...So I told him about my ANA being 1:320 and speckly and homogenous...well he said that's interesting...Man if he met my specialist, they be in a fight.. both bone heads! Or they might kill me off quick with their ideas...I see specialist soon end of JUly....I have been doing pretty good.. see how blood tests go...

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He is dangerous. Can you report him?

dgleds in reply to Maya23

Im going to talk with the head receptionist at the clinic today...On the Qt a pharmacist was saying she had issues with him as well...


What a twit! Can he undermine a consultant's diagnosis in this way? Very unprofessional! X

dgleds in reply to Hidden

That's the word I was looking for "unprofessional"....Im calling today and saying Im going to drop him as my gp, but means no steady gp for a long time again...However, you have to be able to talk with your gp, and this guy was strange...

I feel for you . Agree with the others, totally unprofessional. Sounds like he needs re-training! Report him. It is hard enough to live with lupus without appointments like you have had. Good luck x

Thanks loopy-lou

He sounds like my consultant who is working hard to take away my Lupus diagnosis given in a different area! He also thinks that you can't have Lupus without organ involvement!

dgleds in reply to lorac1

This guy is just a gp, but should know better...

I reported him, and apparently they have had others complain about him...

I may be lucky to see a new lady gp in August..yayyyy...The office manger has a friend with lupus, so she was pretty miffed about this...So she made a special allowance for me to shift gp's....(it use to be so easy)...Its a shortage over here of gp (Im in Canada)....

This GP sounds typical of those 'know it all' types who prove how v little they actually know the minute they open their mouths or pick up a pen....I've heard gps are trained to always expect the most basic diagnosis is the most likely...I'd think any intelligent med student would learn the limitations to that bit of establishment wisdom within the first few months of practice...but I'm sure there are plenty of sloppy lazy gps who never pay attention enough to think for themselves (aren't there these types in all professions: lawyers, accountants etc etc). GRRRRRRRR. Goof is right!

dgleds in reply to Barnclown

he is super opinionated...

misswoosie in reply to Barnclown

I went to see my new GP 2 weeks ago. She looks like she should be partying in Ibiza with leggings, silver thong flip flops and a sleeveless top with her cleavage on display. Disgraceful. Would a male Doctor be allowed to go to work in shorts ,flip flops and a vest top? They've only just allowed hospital Docs to not wear formal shirts and ties, and that was only because of the risk of infection associated with ties and long sleeved shirts.

She examined (well that's a bit of an exageration actually) my scalp and didn't wash or gel her hands before or after.

When I talked she made eye contact and nodded in the right places, but in a very smarmy, condescending manner and didn't offer anything useful to me when I talked about my joint pain or the funny sparkly lights in my right eye episode that I'd had 2 days before.

I asked about abnormally low ( ie considerably below the normal reference range) Triglycerides and LDL chol and she smiled and said " That's good!".

I will not be seeing her again.

I think you're better off seing an NP. At least with NPs they're more aware that if they don't follow protocol and touch all the bases and something goes wrong then they'll get the book thrown at them and all sorts of disciplinary actions and investigations and may potentially lose their job and license. GPs don't seem to care as the practice and the BMA and Royal College will defend them to the end.

Waste of money IMO.

Here you go: this goofiness is partly down to this guy:

Occam's razor (also written as Ockham's razor and in Latin lex parsimoniae, which means 'law of parsimony') is a problem-solving principle devised by William of Ockham (c. 1287–1347), who was an English Franciscan friar and scholastic philosopher and theologian. The principle states that among competing hypotheses that predict equally well, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. Other, more complicated solutions may ultimately prove to provide better predictions, but—in the absence of differences in predictive ability—the fewer assumptions that are made, the better.


Can you get shifted to a different GP?

dgleds in reply to Barnclown

I think Im lucky this time...I may get a lady gp in August..The office is pulling strings for me.. Meanwhile his stronger zantac isn't working...He thought the on call gp was a twit for giving me a lower dose zantac....So he gave me a stronger one...I think antibiotics messed me up, but for some reason they wont listen to me...I took antibiotics end of May...2 weeks later or so, I was having upper gut issues/discomfort...

misswoosie in reply to dgleds

I actually find female GPs worse than males!

dgleds in reply to misswoosie

I have had couple lady GP briefly ,that either jump to conclusions, or don't middle ground...

If he says you can't have Lupus without internal organ involvement he simply does not know what he is talking about. I would speak to the practice manager at the doctors surgery and possibly consider reporting him to the local health board if I felt it wasn't dealt with properly. I hope he didn't mess with your medication. Good luck. I had a arguement with a GP last year who tried to go against my consultant rheumatologist advice. I left the surgery and went elsewhere. Best thing I have done. It is just such a shame that us lupies have to be so strong and so pro-active in our health care, when we really don't feel strong and ready for battle!

dgleds in reply to Wendy39

Hi! In the end i told the receptionist what a goof the GP was, and she put me over to the office manager, who said,"no way are you seeing him again"...I heard that the Gp i had,had been nasty to seniors and others too....(He is still working there, but at least i don't have to have him... :)

Excellent points. In my feeling, "Lupus" doctoring is a huge mess itself. It's always trying to micromanage antibodies as if..we know antibodies aren't always reliable. But they seem to think that's huge in lupus. If there is no mild lupus, why they take 6-10 years to have this condition diagnosed? Lots of weirdness.

I think Gp of long ago use to know a little about everything...Now they just seem to like to push pills...and have big egos....I have run into some good guys, but many not so good guys...Some of the Asian student doctors are really good...I learned a bit from those guys when they were working at the local clinic.....Brainiacs...

The one thing I was told when I went back for blood test results in 2005 was that I had mild SLE...I had no idea what it was, had never heard of it but the hospital doctor was very reassuring

I asked if it was life threatening and she said no its mild we can control it, which is what for the last 8 years they've done successfully and after thinking I had cancer it was something of a relief

dgleds in reply to chrisj

I know...

I too had a cancer fear (still do), cause cancers of diff types can give you a high ANA reading as well...but I don't know what the pattern looks like with cancer...

You hope some of these doctors know what they are doing....

chrisj in reply to dgleds

I think most of them do :)

Lately for me....a few doubts even with specialists..

I'm in Canada now, but i rated him on rate a doctor...He has awful ratings!!!!

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