question if any one knows

My Anti Nuclear blood test has come back positive the last 3 times any ideas , my soles of my feet hurt more so when walking so do my ankles , wrists and palms of my hands are red even when is cold , I am red across my cheeks and if I sit in the sun I get a slight rash.

does anyone know what this could be ive got an idea but would like some other opinions.


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  • Steph - do the soles of your feet hurt when you get up? Like you have to hobble for the first few minutes after getting out of bed?

  • yes they do MaggieS along with other stiffness ive been on Preg since last July for PMR .


  • (sorry to be slow to get back to you - had an OT appt this morning).

    As others have said - this sounds autoimmune. Sorry!

  • It sounds autoimmune but what does your doctor say?

  • You sound like one of us.

  • the doctor that checked my bloods just said your under the hospital they will deal with it and not to worry about my ESR being 49 as ive had it higher, it was the duty doctor not my own doctor.

    Im at the hospital on 9th July , I had CT Scan last Wed and ive had quite a bad reaction to the Iodine injection so im being sent to an Allergy clinic as well I might as well go to all clinic that the hospital has, I already go to Eye clinic, ENT, Rheumy waiting for Physio not sure if there's many more to go to LOL


  • Well, there is definitely something going on with your immune system, the key person is your rheumatologist, good luck.

  • Thank you Purpletop


  • o another question does anyone have a problem with there hair breaking ?

  • Hi Steph,

    Yes to all!!



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