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I cant get Life Insurance !!

Hi ,

After reading the blog on travel isurance and receiving some useful insurance information from Lupus UK. I though Id put this one out there.

I can't get life insurance. I have SLE diagnosed in 1986. I have Chronic Renal Failure, and a few other add on's to go with it (big names, cant spell!!)

I have applied for life insurance on many occasions and been refused point blank! guess they think Im gonna die soon!

I have a family to think of and no security for them.

Can anyone help.

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I can't now either,

Luckily the people i had had it with before i was diagnosed are still covering me (at a price) but when i tried to change a few years ago no-one will touch me.

The only good thing about it is when people ring up to try and sell it to me i just say i am uninsurable and they hang up !!!!!

There must be a company out there somewhere - good luck and sorry i can't be more help :)


Thats a good point Ive been stressing so much about trying to go to work that I forgot to update my insurers when I was diagnosed.

I will brace myself and call them. I will let you know my outcome.


Hi everyone,

I had a word with Geraldine in the office about this issue of life insurance and she provided me with contact details for David Rackham on 01329 282882 or email

David has been successful in obtaining life insurance for other members, so he may be able to help.


Wow this is fanctastic I let you know how I get on :-).


Please do


If you are over 50 try AGE UK. I have just taken out annual European insurance at a very reasonable rate.



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