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Hello everyone

Hope you've all recovered from the heatwave. What a scorcher it was!.

This week's pic is a beautiful swan carrying her cutie little cygnet taken by a friend when she went to feed the ducks with her grandchild.

Im sure you'll love it like i do and have similar fond memories of feeding ducks as i do as well.

Take care everyone and be as well as you can.


p.s, im still waiting to hear from my gastro consultant the outcome of tests. it looks like he's combining covid recovery with annual leave. Still got awful pain so im going back to gp this week.

Have got Endo appt on tuesday , might learn more and have to try reducing steroids again. 🤞

luckily foot is still painfree, hope its forever now. Thanx as ever for your wonderful support. X

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Oh my goodness what a sweet picture, such a great shot, that must be the best way to travel!😍So sorry you’ve still got that awful pain and have to wait for your results, it’s not right that everything is taking so long😣

Hope you’ve recovered from the heat, it’s so nice to have it a bit cooler, that was pretty unbearable, just glad it was only a few days!

Take care lovely 🌸💕🌻💐🦆💕xxx

Thanx lovely Diane for your message. I'm so pleased you liked this pic . I thought you would because of the lovely ducks you've so kindly sent me. It's a very special way to travel I'd say!.

I'm very sorry your back on the antibiotics and feeling lousy. Do hope they work soon. It really is one step forward and two back for us folk.

So relieved the heat went and you were hotter than us for longer. I hope it doesn't return to that degree. It was awful.

I will be in touch lovely later this week. Thank you for your good wishes. I hope I can make progress this week at the doctor's and Endo appt.

Do hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you. Xx💐💕🌺👌🏻

Thank you lovely and I’ll have everything crossed for you this week too🤞. Take care and big hugs 🤗 💕💐🥰xxx

Thank you so much lovely. Will chat soon. Big hugs. Xx💐❤💐🌺🥰❤

Hi Misty- what a cutie pic this is - so sweet. We’ve just come back from our honeymoon , we went to Bodmin and stayed in a converted barn next door to a farm - Mira barked at the horse that was in a field next door - she has never seen a horse before.

Hope you get your results back soon and give Vera crossed 🤞 your appointment goes well on Tuesday x

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KayHimm in reply to svfarmer

That Mira 😅. Lino has suddenly gotten this deep bark and uses any time another dog scares him.

What a cool honeymoon!

Xx K

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svfarmer in reply to KayHimm


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Pumpkin2009 in reply to svfarmer

Your honeymoon sounds lovely. I know what you mean about the deep bark. Gigi has different barks for different things. AS a puppy, not so much, but now that she is 3, it is different. Then she has a whimpering/cry for begging for attention. Our furry babies are so amazing.

Healing hugs.

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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Thank you svfarmer for your lovely mesdage and good wishes. So pleased you've had good weather for such an idyllic sounding honeymoon until Mira spoilt the quiet!. That did make me smile 🙂today but not surprising as she doesnt know what a horse looks like and the're much bigger than her. Was Bea ok about them?.

I hope you enjoyed your wedding and we will see great photos soon.

I hope to make health progress this week so updates later. Hope you recover this week and have a cooler one. Xx🦢❤

That is so beautiful I can hardly take my eyes from it long enough to write you.

I think abdominal pain will go the way of the foot pain - way too long but gone after treatment.


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misty14 in reply to KayHimm

Thanx kay, i totally agree re treatment. Its getting to it as ever. So pleased you loved the pic. Good luck this week too. Xx❤🤞

What a beautiful picture. Just adorable. Your friend should try sending a copy to the local paper and see if it could be published.

Weather was scorching here in Scotland but not as bad as down South. Wednesday was the worst and I stayed in. The days I did go out I was covered in factor 50. Much cooler now which I am enjoying more. As I write we are also getting some much needed rain.

I hope you get help with your gastric problems soon. Maybe your GP will be able to help until your consultant is back.

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻 that your foot pain has been resolved never to return.

Take care and enjoy your week. Xx 🦢 🦆

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misty14 in reply to GloomyEeyore

Thanx ge for your lovely mesdage. I think those hot temps were a record for you in Scotland like they were for Southern England. Hope not to be repeated again. So glad you liked the pic. Thats a good idea about approaching papers to print it. Its such a beautiful one.

Glad you've been so careful in the sun and slapping on Factor 50. We've had a wet weekend which has been quite a novelty. Our garden has really suffered so the rain was so welcome. We've got a cooler week ahead luckily as i didnt venture out at all!.

Glad your all keeping well and thank you for your good wishes for my appt's. Im hoping gp can help with the pain while i wait to hear from the consultant. 🤞.

Updates to follow, so you have a cool week too ge and take care. Xx🦢❤🤞

Thanks for sharing that picture it’s beautiful.😃

Glad you liked it stills. Hope you have a cooler week. Xx🦢❤🦢🤞🦢❤🦢🤞

Such a beautiful photo Misty 😍 - conjures up all sorts of emotions and memories.🥰 Just gorgeous! I can just imagine her babies saying, “Are we there yet Mum?” 😆 Your friend did well to get such a lovely candid shot. 👏🏻👏🏻 I’m so sorry to hear you are still being left high and dry waiting for your test results whilst still in awful pain.😩 That’s terrible. But I hope your Endo appt goes well on Tuesday. I’ll be thinking of you, despite Tuesday being a very big day for me too. Take care lovely Misty. 🤗xxx

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misty14 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Dear spottyeweThank you for your lovely mesdages and i so agree with your caption. It sums up the pic beautifully!.

Thank you also for your good wishes for my Endo appt. I really hope tuesday goes well for you too as its such a special day and we bring each other luck. I will be sending special thoughtwaves up to you on tuesday, promise.

I just don't know when i'll hear from gastro consultant now so im going back to gp to hopefully get help with the pain. 🤞

Sending lots of love and i'll be in touch later in the week. Xx❤🤞🙏❤🤞🙏

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Spotty-ewe in reply to misty14

That is so kind of you to promise to send me special thoughts on Tuesday when you have so much going on yourself. I just hope I can stay strong and not get too emotional about it all. Thanks for your support all along my recent journey Misty. I really appreciate it. 🥰 I’ll let you know how it goes and hope you have good news to tell me too after your appt. 🙏🏻 I hope too your GP is able to help with the pain. 🙏🏻 Thinking of you. Love and hugs 💕🤗 xx

Hi Misty..the weather was way too hot for me, such a relief when it passed over and the clouds and rain showers arrived.

Love your photo thank you for sharing with us...

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misty14 in reply to chrisj

Lovely seeing you back on forum chrisj and so pleased you liked the pic. Totally agree about the weather, hope you have a cooler week this week. Xx🦢❤🦢🤞❤

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chrisj in reply to misty14

Thank you Misty. The sweats don't let up thanks to Sjogrens and one knee is a nuisance from OA otherwise I'm keeping relatively well xx Sending lots of love.

What a stunning image. Thank you for sharing Misty. I hope that you hear soon from your gastroenterologist, it sucks waiting so long when you are in pain. Good luck with the Endocriniologist appointment and it’s amazing news about your foot xxx

Thanx so much cecily, its a beautiful pic isnt it i just had to share?. I do hope you hear from your rheumy now he's getting another prod from urology!. Funny, not, how he keeps needing these to do anything!.

Thanx for your good appt wishes. I really hope i hear ffom gastro but i don't think i will yet as its holiday time!!. Im going to my gp about the pain, its really getting me down now.

Good luck with pottery and take care. Keeping 🤞for us both. 🤞❤🤞❤🤞❤

Thank you lovely 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 for us both xxx

Hi Misty! A beautiful and loving pic for sure. Swans seem to just bring a sense of peacefulness and joy. That little one looks so cute and content. Glad to hear your foot is getting the message to be pain free. Just hope you get some news soon fro the gastro. Good you are seeing the endo on Tuesday. I will be keeping you in my thoughts for all good things.

healing hugs.

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misty14 in reply to Pumpkin2009

Thank you so much pumpkin for your lovely supportive mesdage. I really do appreciate it. So glad you loved the pic. I do so agree about swans and cygnets being extra special and invoking memories. It did for me!.

How are you and did you contact the immunologist for advice. ?. I hope you did and it was helpful. This is a tough time of year now with school holidays. Ive caught them with my gastro consultant and don't know how long he is away for!.His secretary wouldnt say!. Its hard when help is needed so badly. Hopefully gp can help in the meantime so updates to follow. I am thrilled at my foot.

Sending healing thoughtwaves to you too. Have a cooler week. Xx🦢❤🦢🤞🦢❤

Now THAT is THE perfect picture Misty 🤗Thank you for sharing!! I think u should send it into The Times!! 😹I go for blood tests every month and we come home alongside a lake. Couple of months ago there was a swan making a nest right near the pathway..she was sitting on it and rearranging the nest material. The next month when we came along that way it was pouring with rain n I missed seeing the nest so as we got to the end of the trees I said to hubby..I missed the swans nest did u see it? Bless him he was soaked n said oh I wasn't looking!! So we looked across the lake n there sure enough was the swan with her cygnets..five of them!!

I had been feeding the ducks n swans on these trips but now it's height of summer and covid is rife were just getting there n back quick as we can n we're trying not to talk to people!! 😹

Temperature got to 39° here n was literally melting!! It's 25 now n I've got my cooling towel wrapped bandana style round my head!!

I'm happy to hear your foots behaving. Good luck on Tuesday for your appt 🍀I haven't got to go out this coming week so I'm making the most of it!! 💜🌈😽😽Xx

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misty14 in reply to Krazykat26

Thank you krazykat for your lovely mesdage and wonderful story of seeing the ducks and cygnets on way from bloods. Its really made me 🙂. I definitely agree that they are very soothing etc because of them and us being near water. I used to love feeding the ducks at my local park when a child.

So lovely you saw them in the distance and they were ok after the storm. I hope you'll see them next time you go.

Enjoy your week off from appt's, well deserved and it doesnt happen very often for us does it?. I hope your still on 4mg steroids too so you can enjoy the week as much as you can. Hope your feet are better with the orthotics. Im thrilled mine is still pain free. Ive had 5 years of problems this month so really want an end now!.

Its much cooler for us and we've even had rain . Hope it cools down for you.

Thats a brilliant idea for the beautiful pic. I will look into it.

I do appreciate your lovely wishes for my appt tomorrow. Updates next fortnight.

Take care and have a lovely week. Xx🦢❤🦢🤞🦋🥰🤞🦢❤🦢🦋🌈☔🌈🦋

Hi Misty, I was just enjoying the photo again and it is truly so exquisite. Thank you and your friend for sharing it. It should be published.

Healing hugs.

Awwwwwww…..beautiful…heart touching. 🌿🌸🦋

Best wishes for your health sweetie.

Much love and prayers.

EJ 🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊🤝😍

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misty14 in reply to honeybug

So pleased you liked it honeybug. Sending you lots of healing thoughtwaves for your health too . Xx🦋❤💐🤗🦋🙏❤🤞🦋🥰

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honeybug in reply to misty14

Thank you hun…feeling the love. Sooooo appreciated sweetie.

EJ 🤗♥️🥰🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

PS my cell is on last legs. Need new one soon so replies are limited these days.

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misty14 in reply to honeybug

Keeping 🤞and sending lots of thoughtwaves that you'll have a new cell soon as its your lifeline honeybug and very important.

Ive got better pain relief now so will manage until i hear from the consultant after 8/8!. Xx


Misty that pic is beyond gorgeous and I just can’t stop looking at it . I wish you so much luck this week with your appointments 😘😻xxxxxx

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misty14 in reply to Tiggywoos

Bless you tiggywoos. So glad you liked it. Its a very relaxing pic. Thank you for your lovely supportive messages. Good luck for your appt too and have a much cooler week. Xx🐝❤🐝🙏🐝❤🦢❤🤞🦋❤

Misty,Such a beautiful picture of motherly love. All little ones should feel that contentment and security ❤️ Thank you so much for sharing it!

I do hope you get some relief and some answers. I’m so impetuous when it comes to waiting, especially when things get screwed up. They say patience is a virtue. I’m still working on virtuous 🤷‍♀️😂 Best of luck always!😘✨💐🦢


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misty14 in reply to DRunnerchick

Thank you drunnerchick for your lovely message. I so agree with you about the special symbolism of the pic. Partly why i shared it so im glad you loved it too.

How are you doing on your new treatment and looking after your mum. I hope its not too arduous for you.?. I hope Mr Wizard is looking after you well too.

Its getting increasingly difficult waiting to hear results because of the pain. Im going to ask my gp for help. Ive always found it hard to be patient so if you find some virtuousness and patience please let me know where you get it from!!. Ha ha!. You've made me 🙂today too thank you. I have got better at waiting but its not easy is it?. I will post an update when i have news.

You've been very supportive of my foot problems so you'll be pleased to know a steroid injection is still working after 14 weeks. Best ive ever had and im really hopeful its gone for good. Ive had foot problems for 5 years this month so keeping 🤞.

Hope its cooler where you are. We've just come out of a heatwave. Keep as well as you can and take care. Xx🦢❤🦢🤞👋🦋🏃‍♀️❤

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DRunnerchick in reply to misty14

Thanks Misty!Not cooler here- surface of the sun 🌞 Cool down doesn’t happen until Friday. Here in the PNW I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t have our trees 🌲 spontaneously combust (or get help from some firebug idiot). I worked the Eagle Creek Fire conflagration in 2018 and the area hasn’t recovered yet. It breaks my heart what’s happening at Yosemite right now. I climbed Half Dome there back in the day and El Capitan. Now it seems like half the summer’s are off limits because of smoke or drought conditions. 😢

I’m glad your feet are better. 14 weeks and still going strong 💪🏽. Hopefully it keeps going. Make sure you stretch them and exercise them, so that as the steroid wears off, you’ll be in good shape.

My Wizard is leaving the practice and the state next month. I’ve already had my last appointment with him. They haven’t been able to hire a replacement so they are sending most patients back to their GPS or if they know who they want to go to and have mad arrangements, they will forward records. He’s leaving me with the only full- time doctor left at the practice. I will still have to have a transition of care appointment in October though. Get this- it’s a virtual appointment. You would think they would actually want to examine you the first time…

Here’s hoping timing and good care are on your side. Take care. If I find some of that virtuous stuff in the meantime, I’ll send it right over.😉✨


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misty14 in reply to DRunnerchick

Thanks drunnerchick for your lovely message. I will keep 👌🏻that you cool down on Friday and get no wildfires. They are terrifying. We're warming up again then. In UK we had our first wildfire and they're talking about drought now as we've been so dry for a long time!. It's all so frighteningly real now but I bet you always have drought like conditions!.

I'm so very sorry that your losing your trusted Wizard. We are so bereft when our trusted medics leave or retire. I do hope his trusted helper is just as good but I do agree re stupidity of not seeing you f2F first to examine you!. Sometimes though a fresh mind with new ideas can also be helpful.

My Endo appt was changed today due to staffing crisis at our hospital. Mid Aug next one but could be same problem as still the hols. Gives me chance to have heard from Gastro finally though.

Thanx for your foot advice, I'm looking after it carefully as really don't want it to return.

Let us know how Oct goes and take care. Xx🏃💕🏃💕🏃💕

Yes Bea was ok with the horse as she’s seen them before - here’s a pic of our wedding, I posted 1 about a week ago but here’s another 1 xxx my eldest son is in the background and my sister and of course Ian in his Elvis suit xxx

Colour photo
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misty14 in reply to svfarmer

Thanx so much svfarmer for your lovely photo. I missed it as in between 'cutie pic' im not on forum as much as i used to be. You look beautiful and i love the bride groom being Elvis. You make a lovely couple. Its great having faces to names, makes us more real doesnt it?. Have a cooler , happy week. Xx❤🤗💐

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svfarmer in reply to misty14

Thanks Misty xxx

Svfarmer and Elvis,Congratulations 🎊🍾 You look wonderful, beautiful and happy! All the best!!✨



What a beautiful picture, thank you so much for sharing xx

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misty14 in reply to sunrise

Thank you sunrise for your lovely reply. So glad you liked it. In a fortnight, they'll be another pic, can't gurantee its as good but you might like it. I hope its cooler with you now. Xx🦢❤🦢

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