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Blue Badge /PIP rant

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I’ve just received my blue badge and white resident’s parking badge and they only cover me to the exact date in August next year that my PIP runs out. I called the council and asked what grace period you have after that and they said 4 weeks! When has anyone ever had a reply back in 4 weeks for a PIP application result! And what if you’re going to appeal or go to tribunal, which would take months and months?! She said you would have pay parking during that time! I have been disabled for 30 years! Why is the government trying to make my life worse at every turn?!!! I dread going through the PIP application process again and maybe another appeal and tribunal. Last time it just destroyed my mental health and gave me a flare having to fight my corner. My health gets worse every year as I get older, yet the government makes my life worse and worse through its bureaucracy and it’s suspicion and hatred of disabled people!!! I’m so upset. I just feel like crying.

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This government is monstrous and I read that they are going to be targeting people on disability benefits to see what they can do for work! I beat myself up daily about not being able to work, but my condition means I would be so unreliable as I never know how I am going to feel from day to day as well as physical impairments, which affect what I can do. The PIP process is so upsetting and I totally understand how it upsets your condition as it had the same effect on me. During this whole pandemic we have been the forgotten and if any of us die from COVID it’s report as that person had underlying health conditions, as if it’s our fault. I have barely left my house since the beginning of March 2020, to protect myself, not be a further burden on the NHS and my family. I already feel useless snd a burden to my family and this government further enforces this through the narratives they put out in the media - sadly I am afraid things are going to get worse people like us ☹️

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Thanks for your reply and your support. I find that my life now is full of so much distress due to the government, I feel sorry for anyone who gets long Covid and has to join our world. There’s just so much to deal with. Thank you again for reaching out to me. I appreciate it. X

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Sarahmac8312 in reply to Tbrz

I have been told I have to get a job regardless of me having carers in twice a week and I am slipping on down slope

I’m just so shocked to hear this. I am just utterly shocked. God what is this country coming to? So sorry to read this. X

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You must fight this, they should not be allowed to get away with treating you like this. It is hard to summon the energy when you are feeling so I’ll and low it took me 2 years to even apply as I just didn’t have the energy! I think it is just horrible to have to endlessly prove yourself, it takes the attitude that everyone is dishonest, when for most it is an often traumatic time, where your old life has been taken away from you and that all the things you used to do/ take for granted are suddenly not there ☹️. It is a horrible system and the fact that the assessors get bonuses to turn down claims is just vile - so fight it. 😁

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Thank you for your support. You’ve put it perfectly. All these problems we go through are just made worse by these processes. And I’m horrified to know that assessors get bonuses for making our lives worse. Thanks for replying. X

We can all trust the government to target people with disabilities . I feel for you , but there is little understanding it seems, I have no words to ease your feelings just send my understanding and best wishes 🤗x

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Thanks so much for your reply and support. I appreciate it very much. It’s such a terrible Situation all round. But I appreciate your warm words. X

Wish I could offer more . Take care 🤗 x

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LilyMistri2 in reply to stiff19

Thanks again.

Though some levels of PIP gives automatic right to a Blue Badge, there is a discretionary route based on needs assessment. You may well have to go through an assessment but apply for that and make sure you get advice in filling it in around issues of why it would be safer for you to have ability to park closer to your destination. Good luck!

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LilyMistri2 in reply to ferhana

That’s very good advice. Thank you for flagging that up, because of course not all people with disability decide to apply for PIP.

Hi, I just wanted to mention I’m on disability too and know the fear and frustration of the pip appeals etc. I just wanted to mention here in case people didn’t know about it, I get lawyers who deal solely with benefits to help with my forms etc. They are called fightback4 justice.

They have a lot of information on their website.

If you ask them to personally help with forms or assessments……and they will go to court with you….you have to pay a small monthly fee. But it’s worth it, as they have really helped me. I don’t know what I would do without them,

I’ve just sent my assessment form in… waiting for the result.

Sending love

Thanks for letting me know about this firm. For my last pip I got the CAB to help me fill the form, then when I needed to appeal, a lawyer doing voluntary work with them wrote my appeal letter, then when I went to tribunal the CAB hooked me up with the social rights organisation Z2K and they got a lawyer to write my submission for the tribunal case and the lawyer came to the hearing too. This was all for free. But I really wish that my pip application had been successful in the first case as I it would have been less stressful than having to go through all these stages. Can you tell me how much using this firm cost you in total?

And best of luck for your result.

Thanks. Well when I went from DLA to PIP I was kicked off. I got CAB to help. The guy made a pigs ear of things so that’s when I went to fightback4justice. I think it’s around £12 a month while they are helping with appeal etc they did charge around £70 to do my forms and when I won I paid them a percentage from the back dated money…..around £200 I think.

It took a lot of the pressure of me though and I felt because I had lawyers behind me it helped.

I didn’t get them to come to court as I got a friend who is a professional and had helped others out….he offered. But they knew fightback4justice helped me through the case.

If you can get it for free that’s better but if you do need them at anytime it’s good to know.

They also have a lot of free information on their website so it might be worth a look sometime.

Good luck for future encounters with DWP and best wishes x

Thank you for this it really is very helpful. The amount you spent seems worth it. I shall look at the website. And I might possibly use them. I just can’t take the pressure and the crying and feeling bad it all causes. Tanks again!

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Jaci121 in reply to LilyMistri2

Your very welcome. Yes it can be incredibly stressful.

I don’t think I could have coped without them.

They keep all your information on file too for future assessments.

Take care and I wish you all the best

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