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Rapid online survey about the roll-out of the third primary COVID-19 vaccine doses - PLEASE COMPLETE

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Hi everyone

LUPUS UK, along with other patient groups, is supporting a rapid survey aimed at all adults with a rheumatic condition in the UK, to understand the progress of the roll-out of third primary COVID-19 vaccine doses for people who are severely immunosuppressed.

We have heard from many people reporting difficulties accessing third primary doses. We hope the survey will help us to understand the scale of any issues, what has worked well, and what has not.

Please complete the survey whether or not you have received your third primary vaccination dose yet. You can also complete the survey if you have a rheumatic disease but do not think you are eligible for a third primary dose.


21 Replies
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Thanks so much for this Paul. Duly completed. I can’t tell you the trouble I am having trying to get even a booster or my flu jag let alone a third dose. I’m at my 6 months now with still no sign of an appointment. As a last resort I’ve even contacted my MSP and they are getting the run around too.

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Completed and submitted.

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Thank you for this..I've heard nothing so was very happy to complete this survey!! 🌈😽😽Xx

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I received my letter and text message from the NHS to have my 3rd vaccine a month ago. I contacted my GP surgery and was advised to ring 119. They referred me back to the GP surgery. My surgery is superb but the 3rd vaccine is causing problems because I’m advised to have the AstraZeneca vaccine as I’m anaphalactic with various drugs. They cannot seem to find AstraZeneca. I’m keen to have the 3rd vaccine and boost my immunity as I’m being asked to but seem to have hit a brick wall.

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Many thanks Paul. I’ve just completed it. Our GP told us to phone a certain number and tell them that Dr Brown said we were to get our 3rd Covid jabs asap. My husband is about to go to Glasgow for his 2nd heart ablation and is 69 so that together with my SLE was considered enough by our GP to make us a priority. But others in our area without underlying health issues had their 3rd vaccine before us just based on their age which is similar to our own.🤷🏼‍♀️ We are near Dumfries. Thanks again Paul.

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Froggie70 in reply to Spotty-ewe

Hi Spotty, hope you’re doing well. I’m in South Lanarkshire and like you some friends have received their booster and flu jag and are much younger and didn’t fall into a priority category for the first two doses. Turns out that the Now App that NHS Scotland is using allows frontline and teachers, nursery and prison staff to book now before any previous priority categories. Hope everything goes well for your husband. X

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Spotty-ewe in reply to Froggie70

That’s very interesting Froggie and certainly explains why some younger folk are getting their jags early. But what puzzles me is why some retired people we know, in the same age bracket as ourselves, have had their jags up to 2 weeks earlier than us even with our GP hurrying ours along. Our surname begins with R and some of these friends/acquaintances have surnames beginning with letters earlier in the alphabet. So is each category done in alphabetical order I wonder? 🤔 Never mind, we’ve had them now and no ill effects luckily beyond feeling drained the following day and a mild headache for a few days. Hubby felt nothing at all. I hope you’ve had yours Froggie.🙏🏻Many thanks for your kind wishes for my husband. Keep safe. 🤗😘x

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Thank you Paul, no sign of my third vaccine. Survey completed

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Thankyou Paul. Completed.

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Done, thank you

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All done Paul x

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Thank you, I have completed it. I seem to be in the very small minority of people who have a great GP. I knew from this site that I qualified for the third vaccine so called my GP to enquire about it and they got me into the surgery the very next day for my third vaccine! And it was recorded as a third vaccine and not a booster.

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Done. I hope the results help to make any future processes smoother.

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Thanks Paul, all done.

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Hi Paul

Sorry the link does not open for me ?


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Paul_HowardPartner in reply to Willow1414

I'm sorry you were having problems. We've actually now closed the survey thanks to having a massive response.

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Dear Paul , last week when I saw the survey I did i

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Dear Paul , Last week I completed and sent the survey you sent around . It leaves me wondering about the 4th vaccine mentioned . . . not another booster but a "primary" one again. How long after the booster should this be given so as to give best cover ?Thank you .

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Paul_HowardPartner in reply to Rosiaz

Hi Rosiaz . Any further doses after the third primary dose would be boosters. Therefore, a '4th dose' would be a booster administered six months after your third dose.

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Hi. Have only just discovered the form and unfortunately it is now closed. I would have expected to receive a third dose but have heard nothing from NHS. Do you have any advice? Many thanks.

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Paul_HowardPartner in reply to Cinka

Hi Cinka . If you think you should be eligible for the third primary dose, I would recommend you contact your GP to discuss it with them. They may not be immediately aware of it and may confuse it with the booster. We have some guidance on our website which you may find helpful - lupusuk.org.uk/covid19-vacc...

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