Lupus skin issues

Lupus skin issues


Hi All;

Not only do I have rashes/blisters on my feet, now I have a place on my left arm. After a shower last night I was just putting on a pull over shirt, it rubbed this spot on my arm and it started bleeding profusely, but only for a couple of minuets. This morning it is sore. These are the same kind of places I have on my right foot.

I'm afraid of where the next one will be, especially if it is half way between my arm and foot!

Wishing everyone the best day possible!


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👋👋👋👋 are such a 🌟dear BFG: I ❤ that you make me chuckle about the awfulness of our stuff 😆: thank you 👏👏👏👏

😏 And, OH MY, don't some of us know what it's like to have immune dysfunction affect that place 1/2 way between arm & foot 😉...first there are the host of intimate dryness signs & symptoms many of us manage daily from an early age...and, as well, some of us have the added strain of incurable progressive autoimmune conditions like lichen sclerosus inflicting inflammatory process that causes fusing & bleeding of tissues & horrendous itching down there...thank goodness ultra strong prescription steroid ointment every other day + daily emollient baths help control my LS...

I vvvvv much hope these awful rashes/blisters stay way from your undercarriage 😳

take care, keep smiling

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco




I already have issues rising to the occasion anyways, due to medication, BP, and lupus. so that would just be the icing on the cake.

That would be like having a car and could not go anywhere! LOL

it would be absolutely useless!

We have to laugh at our selves to keep from crying some times!



This is it...LIFE 🤗



Oh, Tiras - so sorry to hear this. 😞 You always have such an upbeat attitude and I know it is difficult to do so. I often worry about the "what's next" with SLE and Sjogrens but I try hard to push those thoughts to the back and deal with what's happening in the present.

Would a product called Nexcare New Skin Liquid Bandage help your sores/lesions? I use this product, along with another one called Nexcare Skin Crack Care when I have any sort of cut, scrape, sore or lesion and I find it helps to protect the area and aid in healing. The Skin Crack Care product is a little more flexible, meaning, the resulting film is more flexible and works well on areas that tend to move more.

I'm in the USA so not sure if these products are available worldwide.

Keep smiling and I pray your arm lesion is just a one-time occurrence!


👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣Hi Milkwoman;

I am also in the U.S.A. I am in the southeast I am in Alabama. (Thank Goodness it is usually warm enough to go barefoot and had to be barefoot for the last 2 years) I have these on my right foot and can not wear shoes because of lupus.

I have not tried any of the medication to seal the skin, I had not thought about this! THANK YOU!

I will call my dermatologist Monday morning to make sure it is ok, I have 3 prescriptions of creams and a ointment to put on theses places. I just want to make sure the skin sealer will be ok.

I have heard of something called new skin I think it may be something similar?

Again thank you, that is what I like about the community/family. We help each other and give each other ideas!

I hope you have a good weekend!



Ah, yes! I knew you were in the states!! Lupus brain fog made me forget!!

Yes, the first product I wrote about is the New Skin product (Liquid Bandage). That one may not be made by Nexcare but I know the Skin Crack Care product is. In my experience, STAY AWAY from ANY of the store brand/generic versions - just not as good. IMHO

Both the Liquid Bandage and the Skin Crack Care can be found at your local CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, etc. as well as on Amazon.

These have been lifesavers for me at times (works great for us ladies to protect toes/heels from blisters caused by wearing high heeled shoes. 😉).

Seems to seal things up nicely and is waterproof. I typically build up multiple thin layers instead of glopping them on all at once.

So glad to help!! Oftentimes I feel I'm on the receiving end of all the great help, experience and advice found here. So nice to be "paying it forward" for once!

Fingers crossed this idea is okay for you and that it helps.

Thanks - you too!!


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I wonder if I could use this on the bottom side of my heel.

Some times my feet crack from having to go barefoot all the time. Since I have to go barefoot my wife tells me my feet and toes should be clean and neat looking especially out in public. (Shopping, Restaurants, church, etc). So she and I get pedicures once a month and they put a nude/natural polish on my nails, and do the scrub and cheese grater to get the thick skin off the bottom of my feet, but they still crack. The bottom of my feet stay stained all the time, no matter how much I wash them. Get a pedicure and 5 minutes in a store and the bottoms look dirty again.

Just a thought?



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