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Sublingual gland

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Hi All,

Sorry for not posting I've not been feeling too great for a while but I wanted to check if anyone has had what I have right now. A sublingual gland has completely swollen up. My GP has given me a course of antibiotics, (I complete the course tomorrow). But there's been no change. Anyone else had a sublingual gland swell up? Howd you fix it ?

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Make sure your mouth, gums and tongue are germ free, Whenever I feel the start of a mouth infection I rinse my mouth out with water after every meal so that all the unswallowed food debris is spat out.

I also brush my tongue with antibacterial toothpaste.

Three times/day I will gargle with a strong solution of TCP so that all viruses, bacteria etc lingering on the surface of my tonsils are killed off. Haven’t had mouth infections sore throats etc for over 6/7 years with my quick “kill” oral regime. Works for me at least.

The sublingual gland(s) are actually your salivary glands UNDER the tongue which normally secrete salivary mucus (saliva, spit) containing salivary amylase (an enzyme) which starts off the digestion of carbohydrates eg bread, cereal, rice, potatoes etc in your mouth before the rest of digestion continues in the stomach, small intestine etc.

It could be blocked as well as infected so the GP might need to further investigate through X-ray hospital referral? I think there are three in total 2 submandibular (beneath the floor of the mouth) and 1 sublingual so they will all need further investigations by an ENT surgeon?

If these are infected then it’s likely you’ll be experiencing dry mouth?! Saliva is alkaline and naturally neutralises acids in your mouth largely produced by bacteria feeding on the sugar/carbohydrate.

Moisturising and antiseptic mouthwash will help eg Biotène mouthwash. Biotène mouthwash is prescribable by the GP.

Trust this helps!🤔

Thank you although the issue is the fact it's not infected. It's swollen but not sore. Antibiotics not working (likely because it's not an infection...)

Have had swollen lumps under skin in the lower sides of my mouth just above bottom of mouth. they do not hurt but sure feel big and lumpy, but they eventually go down. Hope your seelling doesX


If it’s not infected as you say the GP should not have prescribed antibiotics without evidence/proof?

Prescribing antibiotics unnecessarily leads to a national “epidemic” of superbugs and possible antibiotic resistance. But the GP probably acted in good faith!

Possible causes?:

* AI, lupus flare up/inflammation of these organs

* Blockage /fluid build up in the organ or ducts ?which may require further investigation.

*May require drainage but?🤔ENT surgeon to assess?

Hope it all gets better soon.

Agree completely! I was baffled - but therein lies the beauty of telephone appointments. GP said let's give it a go and if it doesn't clear up we will try something else. Just seemed like a waste of my time and completely counterproductive for all the reasons you've listed troublesomelupus!It's why I reached out to you guys as it's definitely not an infection. I think it's likely to be a blockage to be honest. But until someone actually physically agrees to see me at my surgery I don't think it'll get sorted out. Sadly before they see me they'd rather throw antibiotics at me! Honestly this remote doctoring is awful. xxx

Try to massage

I have had that at times. I just let it run it’s course. But next time I think I may have it checked. My last episode started under my left side of my tongue and included swelling on the left side of my neck. I too some anti inflammatory meds and in a few days it cleared up. I was concerned, but it takes a lot for me to go see a doctor so I waited it out.

Hi. This happens to me a few times a year. It makes me look like a cobra! I think it just takes us a little longer to get better. Mine usual happens when I've cleaned my ears too deeply with a cotton bud, so I try not to mess with my ears too much. Sometimes it times over a month to get back to normal.

All the best, Sarah x

Thanks all! This has been really helpful! Very much appreciate it! Sorry I've been so absent - once I'm feeling better I'll come back and catch up on events. Hope everyone in our little community is doing as well as can be expected! xx

I really hope that you feel better soon xxx

Thanks cecilyparsley! You're missed. Back as soon as I can xx

Hi, my submandible glads were badly swollen for at least 6 months last year. A mix-up at the GP but was finally urgently referred for an ultrasound, but by the time the appointment came around, presumably delayed by 2nd wave, they had settled down.

It was very unpleasant. Felt like someone had a hand around my throat constantly. It affected my sleeping when I lay down and I couldn't tolerate anything around my neck. I asked about this at my local BSSA group. Almost all had suffered this at some point, but none seemed to have been treated for it.

I have recently started to use "Luvbiotics" for mouth ulcers which was recommended to me. I buy them online. They claim to be probiotics for the mouth, restoring the mouths natural balance. They are cherry-mint flavoured lozenges. They do appear to have helped with the mouth ulcers. I don't know if they will have any effect on the salivary glad swelling. Only time will tell.

All the best,

Sarah x

Thank you! Who knew! It's my first time with this thing. It does feel rubbish. I do hate how really the treatment for sjogren's dryness and byproduct situations like this one are so limited. I have all the bells and whistles stuff supposed to help me etc but really it doesn't make a massive difference. Sigh. xxx

I'm not sure if this is the same problem you have but I used to get ranula. Some information

They were occurring in my sublingual salivary gland. As they kept recurring, the ear, nose and throat consultant said I should have the sublingual gland removed, which I did.

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Insomniacette in reply to Bebe76

YES!!! This certainly looks like it!!! Ah fabulous. I can show this to the GP and hopefully get this sorted quickly! Phew! Thank you so much!!!

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Bebe76 in reply to Insomniacette

Good luck, I hope you get this resolved quickly. I know how uncomfortable it can be eating and speaking with a ranula! I have Sjogren's as well, I always suspected it was related to my recurring ranula.

Have you been referred to an oral surgeon ? I found it really helpful when had severe facial swelling and recurring infections. I had a scan with dye that showed quite a bit of damage to salivary gland . I am now able to keep it under control with facial massage ( most days) and I haven’t had any further infections ( touch wood ) .

At the moment just getting to see my GP is a struggle!! But this is vvv helpful weathervane. I'm heading back to the surgery to see if I can get this sorted one way or another!

Dentist might give good advice as well , good luck xx

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