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has anyone had an infected parotid gland?


A lump appeared last Thursday just below my jaw. As I was suffering flu like symptons I was unable to go to docs until yesterday. I've been prescribed antibiotics for a week, but if the lump doesn't go down then I have to go to A+E. I had to have all my teeth out 20 years ago because the enamel was crumbling. I don't have any bad taste in my mouth, but it has been really dry for a couple of weeks.

My rheumy, who I haven't seen for over 13 months, has always listed probable Sjorgens on my many ailments.

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I haven’t had an infected gland, but the Dental Hospital recently did an ultrasound of my glands by rheumy request, which somehow showed Sjögren’s. My eyes are the worst though. Trying new prescription drops.

louise-a in reply to Lupiknits

yes a have sjogrens diagnosed by maxcillo guy, makes salivary glands really painful on times. xx

tit4tat in reply to Lupiknits

thanks for replying Lupiknits

Yes had this and really painful. If need be ask to see a maxcillo facial consultant, sorry wrong spelling but near enough. I had a few courses of antibiotics but needed steroids too. Then went on to a dmard. x

tit4tat in reply to louise-a

thanks louise-a. What's a dmard?

louise-a in reply to tit4tat

Disease modifying anti rheumatic drug, used in auto immune conditions, lupus etc

Hi tit4tat , i went through a bad phase with a number of parotid infections before i was diagnosed with Sjögrens. My face would swell up like a hamster, the pain was awful and I felt as if I had the flu. I did see a dental surgeon who was brilliant, the scan showed i had quite bad damage on one side and he showed me how to massage the gland if it started to swell up in the future. I was referred on to a rheumatologist and i am now being treated with rituximab infusions which have really helped. My dentist is also attentive and has prescribed toothpaste with a high level of fluoride. I hope get things under control, best wishes x

thanks weathervane I found your reply very interesting.

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