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Investing in a good Hoover

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Hi all,

I hope everyone is okay and doing well.

For a while, I have wanted to buy hoover which will help with tidying up. At the moment I am using a dustpan and brush. This is ultimately putting a lot of pressure on the back, hips and knees. I haven't been able to clean tight corners around the house because it would require me to bend down and this puts too much pressure on my joints.

I am just wondering if anyone has invested in a good hoover and what was their experience was like.

I hope this is not a silly question.

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Get a get GTech, I have one and it’s great, it’s wireless, so no bending to keep plugging in. It’s light weight and even when I’m stiff and sore it’s still easy to carry!

I have never heard of GTech before. I need something which requires not a lot of bending and lifting and easy access to tight corners. I will definitely look at Gtech

I absolutely love mine, hoovering is no longer a chore, it’s quick and easy!

Can I ask you which one you got?

I have one of the air ram I think it’s called and we also got the hand held for the cars (rarely used)!

I use GTech. Amazingly powerful but lightweight. I couldn't do hoovering before I got it.

Never get a Dyson despite all the hype😩.Grossly overpriced.

Plastic bits fall apart very easily.😩 Just a fashion product.

Replacements very costly. What they don’t tell you ?

Bagless vacuum cleaners are hugely UNHYGIENIC. Dust everywhere when you empty it.

Mine is a huge capacity and HEPA bagged Henry vac. Wonderful.

Huge capacity.

Hardly ever needs emptying and all the dust STAYS in the bag. Dyson will never admit that Bagless vacs are a bad idea.

My Henry vac is used even by Royal Mail. They will not touch bagless hovers and vacs. Think of all that paper dust in any Mail sorting centre.

Downside?! It’s a big container on wheels but can still be easily pulled.👏 Big suction power.

Battery power cannot beat mains power!

I have a Henry that we use for DIY jobs, they are fantastic, they pick up anything at all! But I find mine too heavy for quick fly overs

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SLE-Warrior in reply to Betty321

I remember using Henry as a child and from what I can remember they were slightly heavy and it required a plug socket obviously technology has improved seen then because now we have wireless 😊

I am still really unsure what to get. I think wireless and lightweight would be a place to start with.

Thank you all for your input!

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Ingrid1234 in reply to Betty321


The very idea of a bagless “hoover” makes me cringe.

I know that HEPA bags in Henrys and other cylinder types are super hygienic. Think of all that microscopic, dead SKIN dust, bacteria, viruses, sawdust, brick dust etc and other dirt being breathed in whenever you empty the bagless container.

All the dirt stays in the bag with bagged hoovers.

I personally do not want a dust cloud created in the house so my vac is always emptied outside. Ok they are heavy but so much more hygienic.

I agree with you Betty and others.

Thanks for posting.


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Betty321 in reply to Ingrid1234

The thing is as lupus sufferers some also suffering with psoriasis all this dead skin should be sucked up in a bagged hoover so that it’s hygienically disposed off when the bag is full.

Bagless hoovers still retain all these decaying flakes of skin and so the plastic container itself has to be disinfected periodically.

In a bagged hoover, the full HEPA bag can be binned hygienically and replaced without clouds of dust everywhere when you empty the container.

Adverts never show that for bagless hoovers.

Asthma sufferers take note. Emptying bagless hoovers are riskier with all those dust particles flying everywhere as you tip the container IDK.😩

The problem with skin dust and bits that fall off, they’re food for dust mites and bugs. Yuk!😱

I would definitely not get a cylinder vacuum cleaner. I find that i tend to bend forward which adds pressure to the base of the spine. I bought a Dyson cordless last year as it was lighter than the Shark make. It was expensive (£299) and already the battery is losing power after a charge.

Yesterday I borrowed the cleaner that I bought for my Mum. She’s 83 and loves it because it’s lightweight. I was surprised at how good it is; so much lighter than the Dyson. I’ve just checked it out and it’s on Amazon for £69.99. It’s called Vytronix powerful lithium cordless vacuum cleaner 22.2 v. It has all the attachments to do corners.

Your question is definitely not silly; it’s really relevant because apart from bending I struggle with lifting during a flare so it’s vital that I have a cleaner that is lightweight. Wishing you lots of luck with whatever you choose.

Have you considered a robot hoover? We have one and it has been rather good - but of course rather pricey. But between my wife's lupus and my ME we really struggled hoovering the house manually so it always got quite dirty (2 cats). We first had one without mapping (it just drives around at random) which was fine initially but when we moved to a bigger house it would run out of battery before it did the whole ground floor and then of course it doesn't know where to resume.

We have now got one with mapping and auto emptying base station ( and it has been wonderful. Bought it on amazon on prime day with a big discount. You can schedule it to run when it best suits you. Make exclusion zones so it will avoid paces where it would get stuck or bump into our cat water bowls.Because it auto empties into the base station, and that has a bag in it that you can close before you pull it out, there's no dust when emptying. We do occasionally still hoover manually as it will miss a little bit in the corners. But before we got this the floor was crunchy underfoot, and now we walk around barefoot without issues.

The mop is mediocre to be honest but good enough to keep the kitchen floor reasonably mopped, and we do it manually maybe once a month.

That sounds like a great idea!

A Robot works well does it without you and does the job well!

Hi there SLE-Warrior

After buying a GTech, then a Dyson I finally chose a Shark Lift Away which is just the best vacuum ever! I didn’t rate the GTech at all, it left a lot of dog hairs which I used to have to get up with a hard sweeping brush after hoovering! I also didn’t rate the Dyson, which I thought was too heavy. The Shark is just right, takes care of all the dirt & the dog hairs and is pretty light. I highly recommend. Plus it gives a 5 year guarantee.

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Olderkitten in reply to Bakbre

I also have a Shark rechargeable and it came with 2 batteries and all the accessories for different areas, I ask my son to empty it when necessary. I also have Kenmore vacuum and it's heavy but does an amazing job, it's good to have options and people to help 😀 😆 lol

Mines called ‘The Hubby’, easy to order and cheap to run but fails to work during the football for some reason. ⚽️ 🤣



Hi, my daughter had a shark cordless but the motor in the handle is too much weight for my wrists so I got a shark lift away which is fantastic for me especially on stairs.

Who’d have thought a hoover could bring so much of a debate! Maybe we should do market research for house hold products weekly 😂

I know right 😂 I really wasn't expecting such dialogue on hoover's!!

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Foggyme in reply to SLE-Warrior

Great post- I’ve saved it. A hoover you can work is….independence 👏👏🤣🤣x

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harmony2 in reply to Foggyme

How do you save a post. Was wondering for next replacement for my very old, heavy upright (it’s too heavy some days)!

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Jmiller623 in reply to harmony2

Go to the top of the screen and underneath the post there will be a box that you can click that says save post.

Save post
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Foggyme in reply to Jmiller623

Thank you Jmiller 🙂. Heavy hoovers are a serious business harmony2 🙂x

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harmony2 in reply to Foggyme

What would we do without humour!?! (don't want to think about it really!)

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Foggyme in reply to harmony2


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harmony2 in reply to Jmiller623

ahh... now I see it. Thank you for the screen shot and reply! :)

Not silly at all 🙂

I bought a GTech, in fact I have 2 now, one upstairs one down. They're very much like the old Ewbanks but with a battery powered motor.

Its a bit noisy but it does the job with no need to bend at all and the suction is very very good. I have arthritis, bending is a problem for me too.

That was the name of them, a Ewbank! It was driving me nuts last night as that’s exactly how I’d describe them too!

A real blast from the past 😀 I preferred them to my electric one years ago so I was thrilled to find the GTechs, they swivel too something the Ewbanks never did.

Hi - I vote for the cordless Shark latest version even keeps hair etc off the brush. Wonderfully light - I carry it in two pieces up the stairs. Even on a bad day I can use this machine - it swivels into corners, under beds - so light and easy. Battery lasts about half an hour, so I do my vacuuming in two parts. Upstairs then downstairs. Charge doesn’t take too long.

My daughter-in-law tells me her Shark cordless hoover is amazing and her best ever buy.

I agree

Not a silly question at all. We used to have a Dyson and I just got exhausted pushing the damned thing as it was so heavy. We bought a Gtech and seriously it is so light and easy to use and cordless, you just recharge the battery after use. Gtech have an amazing customer services too. We bought a hand held for the stairs too. I would never go back to a heavy corded vacuum cleaner. Xx

It might sound silly but I'm going to carefully look types of hoover's everyone has suggested. It very interesting to read everyone response to my post and I appreciated the advice and support.

I have a light hoover H-3500 very light and you can use the to half that detaches for upholstery,hope this helps 👍

I have a dyson v11 animal cordless rechargable. Very light. Powerful suck but not cheap. I've had dysons for 20 years and they've been great. Amazon sells generic parts cheaper if you need them and they just last and last. No dust at all as you hoover comes back out of it and you can empty it all right into the bin every time you hoover so no smelly dust stays in the vacuum. I bought one for my mum as she has arthritis in her hands and she finds it a dream not dragging a hoover around with a lead behind it. I can hoover the whole house in one charge with some battery to spare too (lasts about 40 mins). I am not a dyson rep but every time I try a different hoover I go back to dyson😀

Oreck Commercial XL with hepa filter bags. Lightweight, goes from carpets to tile to hardwood floors.


Getting the right hoover is no laughing matter🤣😩 but deadly serious 🧐

My shark hasn’t had a bite for awhile. I’m ignoring dust and reading books🤨

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Foggyme in reply to Titters

Me too 🙂x

So, I bought this hand blender, it’s not very light weight and I’ve found it’s not very effective when tying to make my smoothies. In fact I have to wack the fruit with the whole device (using considerable force and energy) to so much as soften the said fruit. Has anyone else got the same problem with this model or could recommend a better brand. 😂

Hand blender help!

😈😈 It looks like a very powerful motor with pulse options to me

Is this similar to one you use? The only good thing I can say about this equipment is it has a very long lead!

I threw mine out as I don’t have smoothies anymore but maybe a smoothie would be good for me?

🤣🤣🤣 what kind of blending does it do

This was this weeks product to analyse 😂

Spare a thought for Henry. He has a huge capacity for all sorts of dirt and has a most hygienic HEPA (high efficiency particulate air filter) antibacterial bag:

Henry, the vac says hello!
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Krazykat26 in reply to Betty321

Don't forget the Hetty Betty!! 🤗😹🌈😽😽Xx


Hi SLE-Warrior, thought I'd add my twopenn'orth lol... I absolutely love my Bosch Ultimate Serie 6. It's cordless and you can use it with just the head for stairs or car, or extend it with a tube for floors and up high. It has several tools and I bought a couple more. It's really powerful and very manoeuvrable with the floor tool on.

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SLE-Warrior in reply to suwinter

I didn't now that bosch did hoover's. Thank you it was good to know. There are so many options to chose from. I won't be buying it straight away. Its a big commitment. Money is tight at the moment.

I totally agree with Gingernorwhinger! I finally ditched plug-in hoovers last year and bought a GTech AirRam and the difference is amazing. No bending down to plug in and super easy to empty. I tried out a range of different cordless vacuums but all the others had the motor at the top and hurt my wrist. I can’t recommend GTech enough!!

I purchased a Shark Lift away, which is cordless, as I have SLE and a spinal lesion so on crutches, my daughter has ME so we found our old vax way to heavy. I love the shark its easy to manovere and will go under the sofa and beds. The hand held section isn't too heavy and if you hold it over the bin when emptying theres not much dust. The sections are easy to clean and I wouldn't be without mine. I usually do downstairs one day put the battery on charge and do upstairs the next day.

Hello SLE-WarriorI have had dyson cordless for the last 3 years & would never go back to a corded vacuum as they are so cumbersome, heavy & a trip hazard.

You can give a quick vacuum every day if needed to keep the floors looking good & as you are standing upright & not bent over so much as with the corded models they are easy on the back & joints.

You have had a fantastic response to your post & I hope we haven't confused you too much!!🤪

good luck & let us know your decision

Take care


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