Lovely sunny day down here by the seaside in Kent

Afternoon all. Hope your personal wolves are behaving today. I have been out and about in Kent sorting suppliers for a major art exhibition I am staging in April here in Whitstable. Seeing printing bods, lighting experts etc.... The show is twelve weeks away but the pressure is mounting. Thankfully a lot of my work for the show is either finished or en route. Having said that, I was awake at 3am with pain in my eyes, scares me stiff as I had lupus meningitis two years ago and landed up in hospital having a lumbar puncture and so on. Have I taken on too much? My lovely husband is shouldering a lot of the burden but that doesn't remove my stress.

Oh well, too late to stop this event now!

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  • Hi, Good luck with the art exhibition. I hope that health remains stable for you throughout this exhibition x

  • Thanks mstr, I shall continue swallowing fistfuls of pills in the hope that this will prevent a major flare!!! I will just have to put up with the puffy face caused by steroids.

  • You're a star for soldiering on x

  • Rain and mist here in plymouth. Send some sun down here please for the Devon lupies!! Try and pace yourself if you can. I know it's hard but you do need to rest cos you don't want to be ill during the exhibition.

    Good luck!

  • have you got a website with more information about the exhibition?

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