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Postponing the chores......again!

Fortunately, no one can see the washing up by the sink or know that my bed linen smells. The stairs need a hoover and I'm running out of tea bags. I am meant to be at a party this evening, but at the moment mIss sociable head has walked out and has been replaced with old "lupie head". It's my own fault, I crammed in too much over the last couple of days and now it's payback.

There's a sign above my bed with an arrow pointing downwards, i reads:-




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Hahaha love your blog, I was supposed to be going to a party this evening too, but it's Lupus 1 Trace 0

Besides, its nice & warm in here & I dont have to dress up. Cant help with the cleaning (too knackered!!) but I can send you some tea bags lol

Rest well, tomorrows another day!! (just thought I'd say that cos that's what people say to me), they think it helps.

Stay strong



Hi Trace

Glad it made you smile.

Tomorrow it's my favourite day of the week, Sunday, official day of rest (lol), eggs for breakfast, amusing myself in front of the Andrew Marr show in the morning. lots of coffee, topical debate and I get to shout at the t.v. Great stuff ! Might even manage a stroll around the woods in the afternoon.

Thanks for the tea bags and the words of encouragement mean a lot when they come from someone who really knows where your'e coming from..



I too have washing up siting on the side, my stairs need hovering but I managed to change my bed this morning (only because it was long over due!).

Most embarrising thing, we had family over tonight and their dog knocked something under the armchair and before I could stop them they had tried to fish it out, and yes, a huge ball of dog hair and fluff came out attached to it because boh of my dogs are moulting.

Enjoy your Sunday of rest, I know I am going to try and do nothing more than I absolutely have to tomorrow.

Sue x x


oh how I can so relate to this :( ....... at the moment it's a case of how long I can put up with feeling uncomfortable with my duvet cover .......... must say my oblivion might be winning ............ take heart I think the house keeping police are on extended leave so we are safe!!! Wishing you better days xx


Loving your "housework" stories! Makes me think of "through the keyhole" David Frost saying "who lives in a house like this"? Answer: A Lupus sufferer. lol.

Wey Hey! Had a marathon 12 hour sleep. Still managed to grab eggs for breakfast and watch Andrew Marr before nodding off again. The washing up is done and I have clean bedding at last. The stairs I can live with for another day or two.

Watch out world, I AM (almost) BACK !!



Hillarious!!! I'm ashamed everytime my mother comes through the door but thank god she understands 100% the Lupus thing. She does my ironing and housework, in fact I'm selling up to live closer to her so she can help with the kids whilst I drag myself to work. I'm so lucky.

Have you got the Champixx yet??

I've still not had a fag. The Azathiaprine is making me nauseous every day so thats helping with keeping off the fags. My belly is getting bigger though but at least I don't have to stand at the back door anymore in the cold.

I have a party to go to on Saturday. I CAN'T BE BOTHERED to get dressed up and go and be sociable but it's one of my closest friends 40th. Plus everyone will be boozing and fagging. :-((

I wonder if I can get Gok round to give me a makeover!!


you are doing really well with not smoking and putting me to shame as i have to admit I am still smoking about 6 a day. I think I am going to have to see if my GP will give me some champix as the patches just slip off when I have my heat bursts lol.

I understand about the 40th as I felt really bad about myself at the recent wedding because I hated the way my outfit looked due to the weight I have put on but I have a 40th to go to in December and have bought another outfit which I feel happier about, just hope it still fits with the amount of weight I am putting on almost daily.

I hope you feel better about it on the day and enjoy yourself.

Take care x x


You know what Sue, sod it! Tomorrow I'm going to go into town to buy myself a dress. I'll just keep going after the school run and see how far I get. Thanks for the inspiration.

Don't be too hard on yourself with the fags, what the hell else is there?!. I have however been googling 'Lupus and Lungs' which I know is a bit cras but I realise now that our lungs are already on the back foot with Lupus without us damaging them even more with fags. (I've just re-read that and sound like an annoying ex-smoker worthy of a slap!!)

Ask not what your lungs can do for you, but ask what you can do for your lungs... Lol xx (now go and have a fag for me) :)


Hi Acorn

I haven't managed to pick it up from the chemist yet, but ironically, something good has come out of being housebound for the last three days:- I haven't been able to buy any cigerettes and I've had migraine so awful that I haven't even missed them. lol !

Makover sounds good to me :-)


PS Your mum is a star !!


Thats what I did. Just keep telling yourself you haven't been to the shop yet. To say you've given up smoking is too hugely psychological. Thank god for migraines!

Hope you're feeling better soon and manage to get your stairs hoovered. I'll send Sheila round!!



I fianlly emerge from another long sleep to find it's the middle of the night. I know this because the sign language lady is in the corner of the screen on the t.v. I can keep my eyes open which is a good sign, but my body is still stuck to the bed and I fear it won't be long before sleep takes me over again. When my Lupus flares like this, I am forced to take one day at a time, build my energy back up slowly and definately stay away from stair carpets.

I am so very grateful to have found you all xx


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