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Vaccination invite before 12 weeks Astra Zeneca

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Hello all,

Has anybody been invited to receive second vaccination AZ before the standard 12 weeks? Or are they just trying to get as many vaccinated as possible? Or could it possibly trigger a flare?


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Yes. I had second jab of astra zeneca after 10 weeks 🌈😽😽xx

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BeeHoneyB in reply to Krazykat26

Hi Krazykat26, did you feel ok after? I’ve been feeling rubbish of late but was surprised to receive my invite! 🤗🤗

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Krazykat26 in reply to BeeHoneyB

Both me n my hubby got them n we both were better after the second than the first!! Although he had more reaction than me anyway. I think that the vaccination programme is going full speed ahead n they're able to offer us it within the twelve weeks..gets us out the way n as protected as we can be!!

Sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish right now BeeHoneyB 🤗I hope that u feel better soon n good luck with your jab!!🍀🌈😽😽xx

I had less side effects from the 2nd jab too

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282523 in reply to Krazykat26

Me too. So side effects beyond some extra fatigue and sore arm.

It's not at 12 weeks its within 12 weeks.i had my 2nd at 10 weeks 3 weeks ago without any issues bar a headache and sore arm x

Had my second at 10 weeks. As the others have said it’s within 12 weeks.

1st vaccination knocked me flat for about 5 days but so far I’ve had no issues with the 2nd dose which I had couple days ago.

I had my second AZ after 5 weeks so I could get going on Methotrexate. I felt dizzy for about 3 weeks after the first vaccine, but have been fine after the second, other than a bit tired and headachey the day after.

Thank you everybody,

Yes within 12wks ah the joys of brain fog! Horrendous 🙃

I went for plunge and had 2nd today! Figured I’m feeling rubbish anyway and it will eventually pass! Even met a fellow Lupus warrior working which was nice! She also reassured me she was ok after and hoped I felt more like myself! It’s reassuring to hear people felt ok.

Thank you all once again 🤗 xx

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Krazykat26 in reply to BeeHoneyB

Wow!! U didn't hang about!! 😹 Well done 🙌🌈😽😽xx

Hope you feel brighter soon 🤗 xx

No hanging about! Or I might have changed my mind 😆 I was very fortunate they had slots today at the health centre! 🤗

Hi. Had my second at 9-10 weeks. The guide line is by 12 weeks not at 12 weeks so don't worry. My second jab was much better than the first, with the first one I actually couldn't say if it was the jab or a minor flare with the second one absolutely nothing to even think about.Please don't worry but if you have any questions talk to them at the centre and please don't phone the GPS because most if not any can tell you much if anything and all that happens is patients who are unwell struggle to through to speak to someone for help with something that could be serious.

Take care.


Had mine 10 weeks after the first one too. And no side effects after the second one, yayyy

No.....but I have been invited to go next 9pm!

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BeeHoneyB in reply to AgedCrone

Crikey AgedCrone that’s a late appointment! Hope all goes well for you.

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AgedCrone in reply to BeeHoneyB

Exactly! Do you think I can go in my PJ’s & my slippers? 🥱😴🥱Luckily when I got the appointment over the phone they emphasised PM.....otherwise I would definitely have presumed AM!

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BeeHoneyB in reply to AgedCrone

AgedCrone would go in my PJs for sure 🥱 and have my hot choc ready to go when I got home! Good luck with the appointment 🤗

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AgedCrone in reply to BeeHoneyB

Quite apprehensive as had bad reaction to first jab!😟

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BeeHoneyB in reply to AgedCrone

Understandable to be apprehensive , but it sounds like 2nd one causes less reactions, than first especially within responses to my post.

I was again advised to keep hydrated for 48hrs after the vaccination and take pain meds if I felt achy. I’ve added in a few more smoothies as drinks and just taken it easy today arm is a little sore less so than first time around. 🤗

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AgedCrone in reply to BeeHoneyB

I had no mark or pain in my swelling....but enough dizziness,nausea,headache & other Neuro symptoms that I’m now 16 weeks post first vaccination& rheumy has only just sanctioned the second.If I didn’t so want to fly off...tbh I think I might just forget it....I shall really kick myself if I do get another bad reaction !

Surely they know AgedCrone (S) must go to bed by 9pm or be too tired the next day 🤣😂

You would have thought so wouldn’t you 🤯?In fact I very very much wish I‘d had an early night & had never had the second vaccination.

I’m almost back to square one with the side-effects I had with the first jab.

It’s really try to do the right thing all round, & end up feeling almost as bad as if you had contracted the virus.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing...just wish I’d listened to that little voice that kept saying.....don’t have the 2nd jab.

I had mine 8 weeks after first one, no side effects from either.

I had my second AZ after 10 weeks, felt a bit rubbish with various aches and pains which are lingering but nothing major

I had my second AZ jab after 10 weeks. No adverse reaction at all.

Still waiting for a date for my 2nd Astra Zenica

Fingers crossed it comes through quickly for you.

Had my 2nd injection. Happy days.

I had my second AZ jab exactly 12 weeks later. First jab, I felt great. When I had the second jab, the next day I woke with a headache like never before, I was feeling very hot, then cold, and a running nose. It lasted one day. My son whose 45 had the very same effect after his first Pfizer?

Hi. I had my second 8 weeks after the first. The side effects weren't as bad as the first one.....just a fever for a few hours which paracetamol helped. Good luck with yours. It's just nice to feel safer!!

I had my second jab at 11 weeks and my side effects were a lot less than I suffered with my first jab.

Yes I was invited to bring mine forward but as it’s on 3rd decided to leave it as it is.

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