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Cold Easter Weekend, Stunning Scenery

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It’s been a cold Easter in the Lakes, even had a flurry of snow at 5am this morning, still a bit under the weather from recent flare so unable to walk too far ,so been out for drives and picnics instead . So beautiful it lifts the spirits . Enjoy and Stay safe M x

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Stunning maddy .where abouts in the lakes ? Xx

Buttermere, so lovely , not a cloud in the sky, like forget me nots 😀here is another one, take care M x

Looking down the valley

Never get bored of scenery like that of my favourite places is brothers water .keep smiling xxx


Beautiful x

Oh how beautiful 😻Thank u for sharing Maddy 🤗 I hope u feel bit better soon 🌈😽😽xx

Thank you ,take care ❤️ M x

Idyllic 😊.. thank you for sharing . Sending love and hugs x

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Maddymay65 in reply to Tiggywoos

Thank you 🤗😍 M x

Absolutely stunning Maddymay. I hope that you soon feel better from your flare soon xx

Wow. What a view.

Thank everyone, it is stunning , pictures don’t do it justice really.I am off for my second jab tomorrow , I will feedback how I get on, the Oxford one for me , take care M x

Oh yes Maddy definitely report back after your second Oxford jab please 🤗 it'll be my turn soon so I'm very interested to see how it goes.Good luck for today 🍀🌈😽😽xx

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