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Happy Easter to you all

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Despite the very uncertain times that we live in, it is important to smile so here is a picture to make you smile, my lovely girls lining up for a photograph.

Bianco is still looking after her egg, not sitting 100% of the time yet but it is building up!

Lots of love

M xx

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Thanks Leuann! I look forward to your feathered friends updates... Hope you and yours doing ok x

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Ieuann133 in reply to DJK99

Happy Easter! Had a good day? I demolished an Easter egg in about 20 minutes... it was delicious.

A tad cold here so not been in the garden too much. Bianco is still laying but she is sitting on her nest more and more...

big cuddle, stay well xx

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DJK99 in reply to Ieuann133

Hey Leuann - oooo I don't have any easter eggs...or any edible chocolate :( -I do have a little bit left from a bar by a very worthy local chocolate maker... frankly it's not what I'm after! I like white chocolate and snaffled two bars over the last few weeks... nibbling a bit each night to get me through the first weeks of all this weirdness... normally I wouldn't eat it. Waitrose organic stuff. Didn't do me any good as broke out in rashes under my eyes and cheekbones. I presume it was that anyway...probably mixed with the stress. My day was the same as usual... get up, wash, eat, sit down, do small bit of housework (ie make bed, wash up, put a wash on... and can now put it out on my terrace.. yay!!), sit dwn, write emails and whatsapp a little (thanks goodness for my lovely friends!),then my attempt at yoga that I've been doing for a month now (big up to me!), a little potter round my pots on terrace and then evening nosh and a bit of telly. What the... has my life become? Hah! Was it that different pre lockdown/post early retirement due to this lovely affliction... not much really... local cinema each week with lovely friend, rather lovely/posh gastropub in village nearby etc etc. The thing that keeps me going is....... music............... as through all of my life.....currently listening to a bit of Gil Scott-Heron, Lonnie Liston-Smith and Roy Ayers. Blissful. And your music du jour? x ps thanks for the cuddle - backatcha - and to everyone on here

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Ieuann133 in reply to DJK99

Your day sounds much the same as mine, minus the yoga (respect)

I do take the dogs out for an early walk, we live in the country therefore rarely see anyone if I go early enough. Must admit, the last few days I have started to wonder about how to fill my time more constructively so registered on a futurelearn course, they are all free and there are interesting topics. I am discovering Rome at the moment! You should have a look at the courses, suspect you would gobble them up!

On the music front, I have a pretty wide taste, I was a professional flautist in my working life decades ago, had to retrain when I was around 26 as I kept being ill which is not great for a professional musician ... sitting on the Albert hall stage in the middle of an orchestra, desperate to cough is an abiding memory. At the time I had no idea that I had lupus, if I had I suspect that I could have continued if I had the appropriate treatment! You have fab taste though, not entirely my cup of tea, more duke Ellington kind of gal but listen to most stuff as long as there is no screaming!

A demain a tous

Moi xx

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DJK99 in reply to Ieuann133

Hugely impressive. My father was a music teacher so grew up with all sorts on in the house.. Elgar to The Duke. Wonderful. Time for bed.. bonne nuit! I have always signed myself of as "moi".. more from loving Miss Piggy as a kid (classy eh? ;) x

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Ieuann133 in reply to DJK99

Tres bloody classy 😂😂

Fear of coughing is now embedded into most people's lives now. Not just during a concert


The 🦆 are becoming “our girls” now. Thanks for sharing your treasures!

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Ieuann133 in reply to KayHimm

They like to feel loved! 😊😊


Lovely x

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