Tribunal for PIP

Just wondering how everyone went along with getting a Representative for there PIP tribunal?

I have called citizens advice and my local law center who have said they have stopped doing representatives and I will have to back up my case on my own!!

I dont really think this is fair at all having to stand up to a judge just to prove how sick i am and how i cant deal with normal day to day activities no more.....

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  • Hi Leanne22p, have you tried contacting a Welfare Rights Advisor through your local council? If your council has one, they can often help with things like this.

  • I have my tribunal tomorrow, and I feel sick with worry, I was told to by CA that they could not attend, although they did see me and were helpful 🙁

  • Good luck I hope all goes well!

  • Hi

    I visited a local disability advice services centre (charity) to help fill out the initial forms which the government in their wisdom decided that I was not entitled to the higher rate which I had been getting as DLA since 1994 & took away my motability car ( I am an amputee as well as having lupus-so not sure exactly how in need of help one 'needs' to be to get help). Anyway..the disability services place gave me the name of a guy that was experienced with these cases & after much form filling & stress (& several lupus flares later), I won my appeal👍. Goodluck 🙂

  • I have joined fightback4justice. Apparently they will attend tribunals. There is a small fee each month, but to me it's worth it, and you can pull out whenever you want. They help with forms, etc, and most of them are solicitors I believe.

    Good luck. I am going through this too. It's a nightmare. I will be thinking of you and hoping they will see sense. All the best.

  • I don't know where you live, but, as Paul says, if your council has a Welfare Rights Adviser, they may be the place to go. One came to the house and filled in my PIP for me, gave a documented copy of what she excpected the outcome to be, and will follow up if needs be.

  • Hi, there are a no. of reps who may give advice & attend tribunals linked to Disability Action or Rights groups (most based in Nth Ldn). Google search for details. Hope there's a group near you.

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