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Video Capillaroscopy! what is this? has anyone had this done? what is the purpose of it? can not find much information on the internet

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My first nhs appointment at guys on the 11th December. I am now due to go back on the 4th January. So grateful for the short waiting time, I initially thought I was going to have to wait 6 months. The letter makes a reference to the above, and I am not sure on the purpose. If anyone can share their experience or knowledge please. Thank you x

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Am sure someone with more experience will reply, but here’s my fav UK reference on this:

This method is v useful in diagnosing raynauds, systemic scleroderma is an excerpt from the above ref:

“Videocapillaroscopy is a noninvasive, quick, and easy examination method to indicate if there is clinical suspicion of microangiopathy. It provides the rheumatologist indispensable information on the microcirculation state.”

It’s gotta be good your medic is being proactive and has ordered this for you...

Hope that helps a bit

🍀🍀🍀🍀 Coco

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Thank you so much for your input here. I really appreciate it. I have some bloods that have come back with some activity, not sure what they mean but am not going to read into those too much. This investigation looks like im on a good path to success hopefully. xx

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Am v glad this is useful...hope you’ll keep letting us know how you’re getting’ve been on a bit of a diagnostic rollercoaster this year...fingers crossed 2019 brings more clarity for you & your medics XO

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I've had this done to see if my raynaud's was secondary but pain less don't stress I found it interesting lol the doctor puts one finger in the machine and it looks at the blood vessels in the end of your finger, it's like a scan

Any questions ask :)


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Thank you

I’m so glad I posted here as my letter doesn’t explain much.

I take it I need to remove my nail polish?

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It's probably best to remove it, as they use a little oil on the nail

I've had it done a few times as I have systemic sclerosis. It's part of a non invasive diagnostic tool.

I’ve had it done, and it’s the simplest test of all. A little oil on your nail, then your finger goes under a microscope the consultant can look at and picture or video the results. He let me see my squirly whirly vessels which were abnormal. I have Secondary Raynaud’s and ANA+ and PM Slo + also. So the systemic sclerosis is there, but lupus overlaps.

I understand this neat bit of kit may be available in GP surgeries in due course. They want to get as much info as poss to tie in capillary changes and, say, heart or lung difficulties.

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