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Chest pain

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Hi my lupie friends

Does anyone suffer with intermittent chest pain? I have been last couple of weeks. The first time was quite painful when I went swimming. Then I rested for 5 mins and it went until I did next length then started again. Only just starting going swimming recently .I'm not a great swimmer but I enjoy going with my daughter who's 28 .I can also have it mild when Im just sat watching TV. Saw a gp and was referred to cardiologist within couple of days ! He didn't think it was angina but I need to have a ct scan and 24hr heart tracing.

So should have that done soon.

Thank you to all that reply to my post

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Hi englishrose67,

Chest pain is unfortunately fairly common with Lupus and it's something I think a lot of us have experienced and do experience regularly and it is absolutely horrible! I feel for you. I really hope your scan and monitor tracing goes well and that your pain settles down soon. 🤞 Sending you a hug. Take care x

Yes, I frequently have intermittent chest pain, which is indistinguishable from angina without investigations. So far, I've had all sorts, but nothing positive shows up (which is mostly a good thing!) it does seem like one of those odd symptoms that can be hard to pin down. Hope your tests go well x

Yes unfortunately I do get chest pain but dr Bose not seem concerned

Yes, I went through several weeks of chest pain about a month after I started taking hydroxychloroquine. (Not sure if it was related.) I had tests on my heart to rule out serious problems -- which they did -- and the pain eventually subsided. I've been wondering if it was stress related.

Well had tests done this week just waiting for appointment to see cardiologist for results. Now I've got damn shoulder blade arm and hand pain so been referred to physio team ...they think its a trapped nerve in neck...always something ! Never mind trying not to worry about any of it.

I get chest pain often englishrose67 and it's a horrible symptom, so I feel for you. I think as others have mentioned, that it's a fairly common symptom for Lupus but it's definitely up there as one of my worst. I really hope your tests come back positive and that your chest pain eases up. Mines fluctuates, sometimes bad for weeks on end then not too bad for a bit. Take care and all the best x

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Thankyou .its reassuring others get it with lupus .take care x

Hi englishrose67, I too get chest pains. Have for years. My physician sent me for x rays and diagnosed pleurisy.

Feel better🌻

Thankyou for all your reassuring comments x

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