Chest pain 😑

Been having excruciating chest pain. Mainly left hand side, sometimes above breast and in shoulder, sometimes under breast and also middle of my chest (sternum area). It is normally a very sharp stabbing pain but sometimes a constant ache accompanys this.I took ibruprofen for a few days, had no luck relieving it. Went to a GP who listening to my chest and said it was completely clear (as she suspected pluerisy from my symptoms). Said it would be a pulled / torn muscle , I also had lots of knots and it would go in a couple of days and to take ibruprofen. This was on the Wednesday. It got to Saturday and my pain wasn't going and was getting much worse to the point of me sobbing , in too much pain to lie down; sit down or stand up. Decided to take codeine // ibruprofen tablets. Took these for 3 days. These did not relieve symptoms.

Have also been to a Chiropractor and this did not help.

It's been over a week now of constant pain and now the pain is spreading to the right side of my chest aswell.

Anyone else have bad chest pain with a clear chest? I'm struggling to breathe because the pain is so bad when I breathe in.

Any advice welcome.

Im 22 and non smoker with SLE currently on 20mg prednisone daily and hydroxychloroquine and awaiting another rituximab infusion

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  • I had this just like you are saying and my GPS said the same about it being a pulled muscle or something along them lines it was so painful I couldn't breathe in I have sle

  • Yes I have had all of what you are experiencing. It's awful. The conclusion was it was pleurisy from lupus but I also got a chest infection on top in the end, absolutely awful. Infection finally cleared up but now I have chest pain every day, it goes from a sharp stabbing pain to aching, my upper back hurts too.

    I completely sympathise with you, only thing that helped was upping steroids but after coming back down the pain is back but not as severe.

    Hope you start to feel better soon, really is horrid 😒


  • See I suspected pleurisy and so did the GP but when I went in she listened to my chest and it was completely clear so she said there was not pleurisy and it was muscular.

    Going to try and go back to the doctors tonight, hopefully I'll have some more luck

  • My chest was also clear, i had to stays in a and e where I saw a reaumatoligist who said it was pleurisy and I went to see my consultant in the end too as it didn't get better and he said the same thing. Upping the steroids did help. The pain is just dreadful. Big hugs to you. Let me know what the doctor says

    Jo x

  • Hi Charlottelauren

    Sorry to hear about your struggle with pain. 😏

    Has anyone suggested costochondritis? My daughter had this and your description sounds very much like the symptoms she displayed at the time. It developed after a chest infection.

    You can find out more here:

    Just a consideration!πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • No nobody has! I've never heard of it- I'll have a read. Thankyou x

  • That was my immediate thought too.

  • Hi charlottelauren

    So sorry to read your suffering with chest pain. Can be really painful and if it continues to worsen should be checked out in A&E!. There are many reasons for it like pleurisy, chostochronditis or peticarditis, inflammation of heart lining which is why it needs checking. I've suffered for over six years with it and had numerous tests doctors couldn't make up their minds what it was but it responded to anti- inflammatory medication!. The breakthrough came when my Rheumy prescribed colchicine, an anti gout medication and it's worked so well. If this works then it proves its pericarditis!.

    Are you due a Rheumy visit?. Might be worth trying to bring it forward as your suffering so much. You are due an infusion, hopefully that will help and you must tell them about the chest pain.

    Hope your better soon . X

  • Hi charlottelauren, I think you should go to A&E if the pain in your chest persist. It could also be a blood clot which is very common in Lupus patients.

    Hope you get sorted quickly.

    God bless xxπŸ™πŸ½

  • Hello, please take yourself to A & E, it could be angina, don't leave it. Best wishes

  • I have had this sort of chest pain for years ultrasound and x-rays are normal heart and lungs are fine it must be some tissue in that area for I'm thinking some sort of indigestion because it worsens when I lay down and deep breathe Ibuprofin usually took it away for me but I'm not supposed to take it any longer due to protein in urine Tylenol doesn't really do the trick but it's my only option right now never got an actual diagnosis of what the pain is from but it sucks it has to be some neurological nerve pain can't really tell if it's coming from my neck shoulder chest it's always upper chest

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