Intermittent Chest Pain and Discomfort

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else had this as a symptom? It's worse at around 1pm then sticks with me through the evening, seems to be there everyday I can't escape it!

My Rhuemy doesn't seem too concerned about it, I've had chest x-ray and that was normal. I did have a left pleural rub during my physical exam which could indicate pleurisy but I thought that was more of a constant as opposed to intermittent?

Would really appreciate if anyone has any idea what the cause could be or similar symptoms! Thanks

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Chest pain has so many different flavours - it matters where in the chest you feel it, how acute it is, how long it lasts, is it stabbing, dull, throbbing, is it in the upper chest, middle, left side, right side, does it travel to arm, neck, jaw, upper back, does it affect your breathing, and so on.

Which one do you have and is it always in the afternoon?


Agree with purpletop on this. Can it be food/eating related?


I'm unsure but I don't think it's food related due to the length of time it stays for and it doesn't occur after breakfast or dinner just around lunchtime, I having a scan today so hopefully they can identify the cause


Hi, thanks for your response! It's in the middle of my chest where my heart is. always last at least a few hours, it's an achy feeling generally with a lot of tightness but can be sharp stabbing pain too. It does sometimes affect my breathing and I do struggle with breathlessness when it's particlarly bad and yes always seems to be in the afternoon with a few expections


Is it middle of chest above the breast bone or under?


I do hope the scan helps and you get some relief.

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Thank you, much appreciated!


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