Persistent chest pain

Does anyone suffer 4rm persistent chest pain. Atimes if feels like d bone in my chest area is pulling apart or a sharp percing pain in the chest. I ve had a chest xray and my chest waa clear. This is lasting more than 2months my former consultant prescribed asprine 75mg every morning. It is worse when i bend over. I ve tried to avoid going out so i dnt go through d agony of gettinf dressed. After a week of being indoors i decided to go out with the family to manchester i was in agony with my chest. I got back exhaused with swollen fingers, ankle , leg and face. Total body pain. I put my electric blanket on but had to put it off cos my son decided he want to sleep on my bed. I ve a gp appointment on wensday but they just find nothing. Another problem i ve is my period stoped on the 21st of may but since tuesday i have been bleeding does anyone ve a clue what dis can be?

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  • ijeasike///hi,i had this all though my 20s,,gps were sick of me...hurt like xxxxx.really couldnt breath in,felt like a stick.or bone sticking in,twisting in....i feel for ya,i had 3 young kids at time 39 is better,,mind on morpie which was for failed back op.which my gp said now shouldnt have had,,has more likely from this helped,lied on my frount,they pressed on each bone going down over few months,gave me tips,,,workedx

  • Am heavy in the chest area (all thanks to the weight and steriod) so it is uncomfortable lying on my front. But thanks 4 d suggestions.

  • Yes, I've had similar and it can be several things: steroids can cause bone issues, or the cartilidge in your chest can get inflamed,or the area around lungs can be affected ( this happened to me after my pain, lung volume decreased).Other problems can be referred pain from your esophagus (I take nitro for that!), or chest musle spasms, or even heart inflamation. I'd try to find whatever fits best.. At one time I thought my ribs had broken, but it was some constriction of my lungs that led to my getting oxygen. Like you, my chest got very heavy on steroids, and inflamation around the lungs probably shrank the volume...?

    I hope and pray you get the deserve, as nobody should have chest pain ignored!


  • Hi Ijeaslike

    Your chest pain sounds like mine specially as you get it bending forward . It's such a sharp pain isn't it?. It could be inflammation of the lining of the heart or pericarditis. If your pain gets worse or goes down your left arm or up in your jaw then you need to go to A & E to get it checked!. Are you due to see your Rheumy?. Treatment can be an NSAID or steroids and they take the pain away!. Take CareX

  • Exactly it is worse with movement of my right arm. I am on 5mg of steriods which i reduced myself from10mg to try reduce d weight. It is not easy i have increased my tramadol to 4 times a day. I ve an appointment with gp on wensday i have lost faith in going to a&e cos i feel they ask u question that make u feel ur not sure ur unwell. They make me feel am pretending they intimedate me. I prefer staying at home and having pain killers then if i pass out my mum cld call a&e then they will take me seriously. My rheumy appointment is on the 24th of this month.



  • Hi Ijeaslike

    The Tramodol should help the chest pain to get u thru till your Rheumy Appt. He/ she will be able to deal with it better than a GP who will rule out the usual things first!. If the pain suddenly worsens and doesn't respond to your drugs then you must go to A&E!. Good luck for your appointment. X

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