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Hey all! I'm an undiagnosed but almost positive SLE person ;) Lots of positive blood work and unwilling to listen Rheumys which I'm sure you've all dealt with. For about a month I've had terrible chest pain, especially when I exhale. It isn't constant, very come and go but it is extremely painful. I've also developed a rather nasty cough over the past week, not sure if there is any correlation here. My rheumy told me to take Aleve, but it isn't working! Has anyone else experienced this? If so, have you found anything that has helped?

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  • Most of us have difficulties with our breathing at some point, so it isn't abnormal. But chest pain with cough should be checked out properly, at least an X-ray.

  • Man I got Lupus diagnoses just with ANA being higher and some inflammation.....arggg. Anyways be so careful if you have a cough and breathing is not so normal...With lupus that can be a bad thing!!! If your lungs get involved especially... What's up with doctors, I'm stumped!!!!! Get them to x-ray for sure !

  • You should go to your GP because chest pain could be many things. I get it on and off because of a thing called chostochondritis (inflammation of the intercostal muscles between the ribs). It is worse on exhalation and feels like hot needles or a stitch. But it could be something more sinister so I would definitely recommend a GP visit or an x-ray.

    I hope you feel better x

  • Hi Canace,

    Could be costocondritis, could be Tietze's syndrome, could be much more serious. Get to your GP!! To rule out heart involvement you need an ECG and for lungs an x-ray. For someone presenting with chest pain going on for more than a day or two I would expect any GP to at least consider these possibilities. Initial treatment is likely to be a bog standard anti-inflammatory. Best Wishes.

  • Hey all!! Thank you for all of your replies! Quick update: I was laying on my couch the other night when I suddenly felt like my chest cavity was closing in around my lungs and my diaphragm. As much as I tried taking a nice deep breath in was impossible, but there was no pain associated, just labored breathing. Of course your anxiety goes through the roof when you suddenly can't breath but the thought of having to go to the ER and them doing the same thing my Rheumy does (look at me like I'm crazy) frightens me... as does the cost haha! I ended up moving myself to a hard surface and trying really hard to focus on my breathing and getting my chest to open back up. My neurologist gave my Zipsor which is a fast acting NSAID, took that, AND FINALLY about 15 or so minutes later took the biggest breath ever! What a relief! I see the Rheumy again on Tuesday, and haven't had any issues since so hopefully I will get some answers this time around!

    Thanks again for all of your replies!! :)

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