Hi all have not been on for a while, was just wondering if anyone gets bad chest pain. I have had it a few times now and actually thought I had a heart attack it was so frightening I also spent 9 days in hospital with a asthma attack I never had it before so now I have to have inhalers. Has anyone else had these problems. I have Lupus and Shjogren's.


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  • Only occasionally, and usually turns out to be a chest infection. Sometimes feels like I've been skewered by a fence post. Other times, feels like I'm being squeezed by an over-eager hugger. Always have a chest x ray as precaution.

  • Yes, my chest pains are distinctly localised in my heart area, with no radiating pains down my arm or anything. There aren't exactly strong, but all chest pain feels 'bad' and anxiety making!

    When I mentioned this to my rheumy, he said he didn't think it was anything to do with my auto-immune condition and that I should present myself at casualty to get checked out the next time it happened.

    since then, I've been into casualty twice in the last couple of months (with chest pain and tachycardia), both times having spoken first with my GP.

    On both occasions, I was simply checked for an MI (ECG, chest X ray and bloods), told I wasn't having one and sent home!

    Back at the GPs, I have since been started on B blockers, as my heart rate is consistently too fast (90-100 at rest). But the pains are still a bit of a mystery...

    Sorry I can't be any help, other than to urge you to keep raising it as a concern - chest pain is not a trivial symptom! Hope you get this sorted out soon


  • I get terrible chest pain with my lupus but mine is costochondritis of every single rib joint I have. It is not wise to ignore chest pain if it is new to you. ALWAYS get it checked and rechecked until you can safely say it isn't life threatening. I have been to emergency numerous times coz it's better to be safe than sorry. Every time it turned up nothing and now it keeps happening all the time we've determined it's costo. But if I ever had chest pain that is slightly different feeling or different location I would be straight back to emergency.

  • Hi Julie

    Sorry to read you are a sufferer of chest pain too. It can be a very strong, frightening pain that as your previous replies have said should be checked out if it keeps worsening. I have suffered with it for a few years now, had numerous tests and A&E trips and have finally been diagnosed with serositis. Inflammation of the heart and lung lining. Treatment is either a NSAID , Celebrex is particularly good for this type of pain, steroids or colchicine . It's the latter that has really transformed me as it's a strong anti inflammatory given for gout!.

    As you can now see there are many different reasons for this pain which is also why it needs to be checked . Are you being treated?. Are you due to see your Rheumy?. Must tell him what's happening as your lupus treatment can also be adjusted. Hope that's helpful and your better soon. X

  • Hi misty14

    My next appointment is'nt until next year, my rheumy is crap anyway he is not easy to talk to. I have been a&e both they said everything was fine. Am going to the dr on thursday so I will talk to her. It's funny that when the ambulance crew gave me a sprat gtn I was fine. Thank you very much for your reply.x

  • Hi Julie

    Good luck for seeing your GP tomorrow. Sorry your Rheumy is rubbish to talk to!. Bit needed that is specially with chest pain!. Have u thought about changing to another?. The GTN spray relaxes the blood vessels and eases the pain. I use one and it works for me. I've been told to phone the ambulance if it doesn't work as it should start to. work within a couple of minutes. If used too often it stops being effective so I've had to phone them then. You could well have serositis like I have!. Let us know how you get on tomorrow. X

  • Hi julie1234 . Recurrent bouts of chest pain is a feature for me. I've been sent to hospital with suspected P.E's etc. The pain is immense - worse than childbirth at times and I will be frantic. I'm told it is pleuritic but I'm aware that it could be costochondritis also - whatever it is, it causes my ESR to hike so is definitely lupus based. I stuff myself on codeine and paracetamol and don't bother the doctors anymore as a rule but it can be scary xx

  • I also suffer from bad chest pain from time to time. Ended up in emergency one and went through lots of tests. In the end my neurologist feels it is Costochondritis ("inflammation of the junctions where the upper ribs join the cartilage that attaches them to the breastbone (sternum). Costochondritis causes localized chest wall pain and tenderness that can be reproduced by pushing on the involved cartilage in the front of the rib cage.") However, never ignore such a feeling. We are all different and must be sure! Glad you took the advice of your doctor. Hope things improve. Mine hurts horribly if you push on in between the ribs above the heart. That's why the neurologist feels it's costochondritis.

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