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Is there a Pain Medication You Can Take?


in regards to pain meds, I cannot take them. I am on a med that has an opiate blocker in it called; Naloxone. Yea i take Suboxone, Im not a heroin addict or anything. I take it as when I was 18 I had my first Lapprotomy as I have Endometreosis. I had 11 Laps and another 3 yrs ago which makes 12, total. I had been on and off Opiate Pain Killers all those years and when I was not on need of them and off totally I was NOT feeling myself and my primary doctor suggested I go on Suboxone as something in my brain which makes Dopamine levels stay normal, that this would do the trick and I would feel myself again, So I went to another doctor who perscribes it and I started it 3 yrs ago and I feel myself again and "normal" whatever normal is? LOL But yes, IDK if there are pain meds out there that people can take while being on this medication, I heard there is from someone else who was on Suboxone and hurt her shoulder and was in need of pain relief. So IDK how true that is but I am hoping as if something ever happened to me real bad that I need pain relief on the spot that there is something out there in the medical world that will help!

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Can you describe your pain a bit more? It sounds like you've been through a lot and after 11 laps you may have an abdomen full of adhesions (scar tissue). I'm sure you probably know this.

Where is your pain? Is it joints, abdomen, muscles??

It sounds like you need to see a pain specialist because if you're taking subutex (suboxone) then other meds can help, for example anti inflammatory meds or nerve blockers. But 3 yes ago is a long time ago. It may be that your body became tolerant to the opioids so for some reason suboxone was started. After a three year break your body may have a different reaction now.

But if anything really bad did happen to you, fear not...naloxne is a very short acting drug when given in an emergency which is why multiple doses are often given and often backed up by muscular injection. My point being, if you got admitted in agony IV opioids are stronger and last longer than naloxone.

I hope that helps. It is 1am so it may not come across with much clarity. Ultimately I think you need to see a pain specialist.

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