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Hi I was at my rheumatologist today, it was a doctor I've never seen before at arbroath infirmary. I was going to ninewells to Suzi Sulburn she is a lovely doctor, today it was a Dr **** ( lady doc ) a name like that. I've had lupus since 14 years old ( now 52 ) and out of the blue she has decided I try and come off prednisolone and azathioprine. I've been on prednisolone for 35 years and azathioprine for 20 years and I'm doing fine, I don't trust her to do this. I've to stay on hydroxyquine but up it to 400 mg. They done this to me about 15 years ago and I had a set back. Why can't they leave me alone. I would like to go back to Suzie Sulburn.

This Dr **** ! Even said to me why did they put me on that medication, well I thought to myself I've Lupus and at the start I was in intensive care twice touch and go. And have had facial surgery due to lupus. Has this woman read my file. I feel angry and also still going through bereavement losing my mum, what's this doctor all about. Help

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  • I see Dr Silburn at Ninewells and she is lovely. I think I know who you mean with the other doctor. Try get a number for Dr Silburn and get a second opinion. You may need to leave a message. Or, go to your Doc and get them to email her,she is great she does reply too.

    I think Lupus is stressful enough without doctors sticking their nose in when they don't know what they are talking about.

    Good luck and don't give up xx

  • Thank you, I've wrote a letter to Suzie Silburn tonight.an thank you.

  • Hi molly 19, just wondering if her name was Dr ****? I've seen her and wasn't impressed, so being referred elsewhere. It does seem crazy to take you off your meds. You're the one who may suffer. Do you know why you were changed from the good one? Hopefully your GP will be able to help out if you have a word with him and you can get to see her again. So sorry to hear you lost your mum. I know how awful that is, so you don't want your health to deteriorate too. xx

  • Yes Dr **** no like, I've wrote a letter to Suzie Silburn, telling her I'm not happy with Dr **** decision. How can you decide to stop med after 30 odd years. I asked to get seen in Arbroath as close. But wish I had stayed put at Ninewells . I will ask to go back. So put at end of letter that I wished I had stayed with her, hope she says yes. Thank you so much for listening.

  • That sounds like a good idea. I'm sure she'll take you back. It is a bit annoying you've to travel to Dundee, but it's worth it if you get decent treatment. Good luck. xx

  • Thank you , hope your doing well hugs x

  • Looking back at my time with lupus it was dr **** that kick started positive treatment for me

  • I'm now back with Suzie Silburn,

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