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Reducing dosage from 200mg to 50mg, is this drastic?

I have recently had my full bloods done and also my thyroid, my bloods i have done as I am on methotrexate and they were fine but apparently my thyroid result was low. I had a call from the doctors saying they want to reduce my thyroxine to 50 instead of 150, this confused me as I have been on 200 for a long time now and I told them this. My question is, why if my results are low do they put my thyroxine down and not up? I am already putting weight on and am very tired and achy so thought I might need to up my dosage. I am confused?? I also have pernicious amaemia, coeliac disease and sera negative rheumatoid arthritis. What am I to do??

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Which thyroid result was low? If TSH is low wouldn't that suggest you were on too much. Though since they obviously haven't got up-to-date info - is it really you they mean? Or someone has their libes crossed. Especially if you have signs of hyothyroidism rather than hyper...


I really don't know which result was low just that the doctor has said he needs to reduce my levothyroxine to 50.


Hello tmh66,

Good question - I wonder if the Thyroid UK group might have more expertise in answering it?


to be honest I thought I had posted it to that group, sorry and thank you.

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