Is this a lupus rash ?

Is this a lupus rash ?

I was diagnosed with RA nine years ago, but three months ago I developed this rash on arms, upper back and neck. I have a new Rheumy who thinks I may have been misdiagnosed and I could either have lupus or psoriatic arthritis. I am awaiting the results of big batch of bloods and x Rays. I am also waiting on an appointment with dermatologist for skin biopsies. I am going to attach picture and was hoping if anyone could tell me if they have had anything similar. Lynda x

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  • That's just like mine and I have lupus sle but I have an appointment for dermatology on Thursday to make sure it's lupus rash it drives me mad I've had it for 8 years just taking antihistamines they thought it could be urticaria

  • Good luck for Thursday Diane, be sure to let us know the outcome,

    Lynda xx

  • Have you considered autoimmune uticaria Lynda? I had a similar rash down sides of my face and neck when I was on Hydroxichloraquine and I read up a lot about the various possibilities. I think autoimmune urticaria is a type of Vasculitis but I could be wrong about this. Worth looking at that community too though. Twitchy x

  • Hi Twitchy, had a look on line and many of the rashes look so alike. I am guessing it will be some weeks before seeing the dermatologist, so will just have to cope with this nightmare. Daughter getting married 31 Jan. good job my outfit covers all my nasty bits, just hoping it does not decide to go on my face. I have red bags under my eyes and my eyelids have cracked lines of skin with very sore corners. Such a sorry sight !!! I have contacted Rheumy clinic today and they are going to chase up my dermatology appointment.

    Lynda xxx

  • Lynda I completely understand how frustrating it is not to know what's going on when something is so painful/ itchy (same thing really) and in your case so visible. In my case it's the invisibility which I'm struggling with just now - we can't win!

    To make you laugh re wedding experiences; both my sisters are deaf and the youngest of the two had a wedding at which I had to read a poem in sign language. At the time I had a completely bald crown, was covered in eczema and had been on steroids from the day I quit breastfeeding (my youngest was about 14 months old) so was pretty overweigth at the time. I wore a hat but it was a hot day and I took it off briefly. One of my sister's friends signed across the church at me "are you deaf too?" and I signed back - "no I'm the oldest and the hearing one". They all started chattering away amongst themselves and then one who had known me since I was young turned round and waved and said "oh sorry - we didn't recognise you because you are so bald and fat now - what happened?!" Ouch - self esteem just soared! Luckily I have a good sense of humor.

    I'm sure there will be plenty to distract you on the big day and hopefully the dermo apt will be hastened by your rheumy. XX

  • I also was diagnosed with RA over 20 years ago. I was told then I had lupus anti bodies in my blood , but no sign of rash . However I came back from holiday from portugal

    in May with a red blotchey rash on my forehead , arms and chest. I waited three months for dermatologist app where the consultant knew right away it was a lupus rash. Still waiting on result of skin tests however the cream she prescribed for me has , thank god cleared the rash completely . I now have to stay out the sun . Your rash looks very like what I had . Don't worry an let me know how you doing ...

  • Abbie, that is so interesting to hear about your experience. Do you have any other lupus type symptoms beside the rash ? Since I started my RA journey nine years ago I have suffered extreme pain and tiredness, but this past six months or so I have been completely exhausted to the point that I have to,have a lot of help now just to get through each day. During the long hot summer we had this year I was completely unable to tolerate the sun and heat. I had to stay indoors most of the time, it was horrible. I wish I could get some of the cream the dermatologist gave you, sounds bliss !! Please let us know the results of your skin tests when you get them. Take care, lynda xx

  • I have suffered with discoid lupus for years now.... 2005.... It does look very much like it....the advice I can give is SPF30+ even in winter months... Cover up....! You may be put under a dermy and may be given steroids/ hyroqhlorequine. Both very useful.....x all the bad bab! And try not to scratch! Xxx

  • Oh.... And wear a hat in the sun... When we get it!! Xxxx

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