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Full Moon


Hi all, long time no post. just wondering if anyone else suffering because of the full moon? I always seem to get more flare up round the time of the full moon, is this just coincidence :, people laugh when I tell them. I had really bad night last night, getting about 3 hours sleep. and this evening I have various aches and pains in a lot of joints, including left side of jaw, shoulders, fingers, knees and feet. I know I haven't over done it. Think I'll go and howl at the moon lol.

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Hi lupydragon,

I too have terrible pains when a full moon occurs although I have pain when there isn’t one! But just in case you didn’t know, the latin for WOLF is LUPUS!

Good Health,

Wolf_1 🐺🦋😴💤

I always have sleepless nights when it’s full moon, and if I do get to sleep I will wake up constantly through the night. It can also make me feel very moody! I wouldn’t be surprised if it can affect pain too, especially with last nights super moon. Let’s hope we get a bit of relief soon! I know that when I don’t sleep well my pain is worse so it could be down to that too. X

Yes, on and off the toilet this week.

Detoxing time is full moon and extremely so when super moons.

Beautiful to look at and nice to be out in the presence of this wonderful sight.

I can eat not high protein around full moon as the pull puts a strain on my kidneys. If we lived as we were all intended, but we can't, sadly, we would go with the flow and not be in pain.

Full moon = more symptoms, plus often one or two surprise 'guests' (uninvited). At least for me....

I feel like I'm dying the week before the full moon. Then during im probably the most manageable

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