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lupus...............full of surprises

For last 3 days feel so uncomfortable walking. Feel like my hip is now affected and its scary. When I am driving and pressing clutch its painful. When I sit at work, its painful. When I lie in bed, its painful BUT last night rotary club sent santa round on a sleigh and my daughter was so excited - was worried she may pop!!!! She said she was going to ask Santa for money so we can put a bar up next to the loo and bath so she doesnt worry when she isnt here that I may get stuck! That should make me feel loved but it made me feel so guilty. My GP is changing practices and I feel lost as she understands my fears, if I ask a question she medi googles the answers and we learn about it together. The other GPs always make me feel like they are too busy and that I should be talking to my consultant instead of bothering them! Still full time at work. Still tired and worried about what 2012 will bring. I was a confident happy person who never let anyone get a word in and now I feel like a victim. Have ordered Xmas cards off so hopefully 5% of my 'friends' will go online and try and see what this is all about. Hope all my friends on here are well, managing, and happy. My wishes and prayers are with you all. Hoping you feel loved, special and important.Seeing consultant on monday - here is hoping she has a magic wand x take care

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The right doctor is worth his/her weight in gold.

I get those random pains here and there, and at the time they are the most serious thing, but the next week or month it will be another random joint having its say and the first one is forgotten.

My elbows are always sore and most of the time I forget them also. Funny what can become 'normal'.

you will get to be that happy confident person again, -sometimes. And one day you will get to that person, most of the time. ~A bit older and perhaps a bit wiser for the experience.

good luck to you.


This sounds so familiar.Have just had more hip x-rays and have had more sleepless nights because of the pain.I keep hoping for tomorrow to be better as I never seem to get any real answers.We must try and stay positive and I wish you well.


You are all so right.To-day RAIN To-morrow SUNSHINE


I feel for you and agree with the others, my right hip is agonising today, the pain seems to travel into my thigh and knee, but last week it was my wrists, It is amazing though how we Lupies seem to accept these pains as normal, Should we ?? My GP is also in transition, actually he is retiring and the new doctor is hopeless, I am dreading going to her for my repeat medication in the new year, I once went to her with a lump in my leg and her reply was " we have to learn to love our lumps " Now tell me that's the right attitude.

All I can say is rally your family and friends around you at this time of year, let them know how you are feeling, just take things one day at a time, find a new GP who will understand the implications of your illness, That's what I intend to do in the New Year.

Best of luck to you, and god bless you and your family. Be strong and here's hoping your health improves soon.


Hi i know how you feel my boys have been having a go at me too as i have been in pain for the last 6weeks with my knee and it has swollen up now so my eldest said that he taking me to A&E today,seen by the doc and he said i have damaged my knee may need a opp, i was so wrong to think it was my lupus joint pain, i must listen to my family, my husband walked out on me 7years ago saying he can not cope with me getting ill, so my boys have been my tower of strenth and have been there for me,i am asian and people judge you for a failed marrige not that the man is ass, but i am grateful to god who has blessed me with 4 wonderful boys who love me to bits.


I have had the same, ask your doctor about bursitis, it is common for lupus patients and with the weather lately with rain, and cold, it kicks bursitis up, especially in the hips! Hope that helps!


just logged on. will check it out but had to get taxi 2day cos didnt feel i was confident to do the car pedals. cost me £56 all round today - childcare drop off included. we need help from somewhere! thanks for replying. will check and at hossie on mon so will be let you know. thanks for taking time to reply - - - -means alot x


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