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Working full time

Hello, I was diagnosed win lupus at 18 and once I managed to finish uni I have worked full time ever since. I'm 41 now. I work some of the time in an office and the other out on the road.

I have in the last 2 months come down with 2 horrendous colds and/bad chests as other staff keep coming into work coughing all over. I have the option to change the office time to working from home.

Do you think this would be a benefit to someone who is immunosuppressed...

Some comment was made in the office about "why should one person stay at home for you"...

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Yes my boss is very good about this and I normally work from home a couple of days a week if I can. It's much less tiring as I don't have the commute or environmental stresses in the office and I actually get a lot more done.


Hi, I have lupus which affected my kidneys I have only19percent renal function I get dla but would love to go out to work.Would I still get dla .I get really tired.A job has come up and I think I could do iit


DLA (now called PIP) is there to aid you in day to day living whether you work or not.


Hi Sarah

I certainly do think it would be good for you to work from home a few days a week. Especially in the winter to avoid the bugs, what selfish colleagues you have bringing chest infections into the workplace!. They would recover better themselves if had time off!. Well done for working full time since Uni and having Lupus, a great achievement in itself!.X

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....what a shame some of the people you work with are so selfish in their attitude....what they don"t understand is how an infection can escalate into something quite serious....I would protect myself and opt for home working....easier on the body and health...and you can maintain your independence workwise


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