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Shattered just putting Xmas tree up

Well today I managed to put my Xmas tree together and decorate it. Looks lovely but got to put the rest of decorations up and more lights everywhere yet .Knew there was a reason why I made a start early this year.....far too exhausted to do it all in one go. So just doing a bit at a time .I'll still be too worn out tomorrow so wont be able to do anymore for few days .Hubby can't help much as he's only just had shoulder surgery and is in a sling .I like to put lots of decorations up as my small grandchildren will love it. They will decorate a smaller tree in the kitchen for me as they enjoy doing that for 'nanny' .How does everyone else cope with the build up to Xmas ? Any tips to make things easier ?

Take care


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I am in the same boat. On Saturday, I first put up my (artificial) tree in the morning. That alone wore me out, but I had a second burst of energy in the evening and I was able to put up the lights and decorations. My strategy is the same as yours- I do things in smaller increments working within my energy reserves.

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I know exactly how you feel. I feel tired out just having a shower. at 48 years old, it's ridiculous. came off Quinoric after being in it for 9 weeks. it was making me worse. awaiting call from rheumy nurse. I have so many symptoms I need to discuss but I really need another appointment with rheumatologist. I have only seen him once. second time was a rheumy nurse. I feel no worse for stopping Quinoric as I have heard bad things about it anyway. doc wouldn't give me plaquenil, said it was the same but I now know it isn't by reading what others have said. I was also told to make another appointment to see my g.p. but can't get in until 16th December. I am convinced I haven't got just lupus. I think I could have fibromyalgia aswellbut I can't say that, I ain't a doctor!

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I take Plaquenil (Generic)....I am doing well enough on it...I too have read what you are saying about the Quinoric....I hope your up coming appoint goes well


ThankYou. X


Decorated with nostalgia(which for me is a mixed bag of memories and emotions,). I did not decorate in one afternoon. The tree took about 3 days to complete, and today I sewed the the new buttons on the stockings. 2 new babies..a great-grandson born in July, and my granddaughter born in August ....

Now with my recent DX, I realize why these past few Christmases have been a bigger deal decorating..I am 62, I thought it is just what happens as we climb the ladder of life.

My 10 year old grandson really wanted the Harry Potter hogwart expess train set up this year...We put it on the dining table!! I just couldn't face or have the energy setting it up on the floor around the tree....I rather like it on the dining table!!


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