My achievements today

A good day today, got all the decorations up and ready to switch on apart from the outside tree, the flipping wind and rain made it too dangerous to go up the ladder (apart from the 'delicate' state of my balance!!) Even if I get blown out of the tree tomorrow, the lights will be on it as I need to switch on the lights at 0410 Tuesday (anniversary of my husbands death and is now a tradition, so much so that the timber lorry drivers who know the reason of the lights toot and toot as they pass between 0500 and 0900). Used to renew the lights every couple of years but since lupus have invested greatly in lights this year that should stay on the tree for five years plus so don't have to go up there next year.

To all of you out there I extend the compliments of the forthcoming season and hope that you like me can count your achievements day by day even though you are as sore as anything for having achieved small 'normalities' (as are my hands, shoulders and feet for today's work).

I am so very very grateful that I no longer feel so alone having found you all.

Bless you for sharing.

Signing off my very first blog. What the heck is a blog anyway??

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  • I am really sorry and hope you find the strength to put up your lights tomorrow, will be thinking of you xx

  • Daisy dear,

    the lights are on the tree finished them today as the winds far too high yesterday. At 0410 will be lighting them and shedding a tear or two but it's worth it.

    Thank you so much for your comments,


  • I've never understood the word 'blog' myself, 4 some reason it always makes the speed of a tortoise spring 2 mind when I hear it, maybe that's quite apt considering how many of us 'bloggers' r on here, I tend 2 move like a sloth these days lol! Sounds like u've done quite a bit 2day, well done u, even if u ARE paying 4 it now! Just 2 like 2 say what a lovely idea it is 2 remember u're husband in such a way. Wishing calm weather 4 the scaling of ladders ;0)

  • Dear Sher

    Thee and me both move like sloths, but that's the name of the game, one step at a time but I don't know about you, I was at the end of the queue when it came to patience. The wind yesterday blew the aluminium ladders away from me so decided discretion better part of valour and did them today. All ready now for 0410 tomorrow. Will think of you then.


  • my patience has dissolved with age ;0) I'm about as patient as a zombie sitting in front of a hunk of meat :0) Glad u've managed 2 get the job done x

  • Well done for getting all that done! :-) I have been putting off getting the tree up and decs up cos I know it will kill me ( and knowing I have it all to put away afterwards!!) but will need to find the strength from somewhere soon! Hope the weather is good for you tomorrow. Take care xxx

  • Dear Megs

    One beauty of memory loss is perhaps forgetting how much effort it took last year and as far as putting it away, we could always say we love the decorations so much we will leave them up till next year. I don't think I would get away with that statement, could you?? I hope you find the strength from somewhere, but if not, string some lights, enjoy them and call it a day at that. Lights are to me the best part of Christmas.

    Take care megs, take time, and if possible, take pleasure in the results even if they are not as perfect as you would normally do them

    Love Kath

  • Ha I certainly would not get away with that either I'm afraid! I am determined to get the tree up this week if it kills me! Going to get my little boy to help me and he loves putting the baubles on the tree (even though the top ends up loking bare,ha) so that takes some of the work away. Have to say the thought of battling through the cupboard to get the tree and decs out is going to be the biggest challenge of all, and if any spiders jump out at me I will cry!! Take care xxxx

  • Good for you Kathin! We will all keep our fingers crossed that it's NOT blowing a gale tomorrow ....and you are able to shine your memorial lights, so the drivers will see them and Toot for your husband and you.

    One of the things I'm having to adjust to is loss of recall.....and I just cannot remember where I put OUR tree decos, so may have to go and buy some more next week!

    You know you will always have friends on here, and can "let off steam" whenever you feel like it. I have learnt so much about Lupus symptoms and how to deal with the everyday unpredictability of them, together with very useful tips - all from being on this Blog site.

    Maybe BLOG is appropriate, coz sometimes I feel like a B-log !!!!!!

  • Dear Looby

    It was blowing a gale yesterday, but all is ready today for0410 tomorrow morning, thank you for your kind wishes.

    Your comment on the unpredicatable nature of Lupus is so true. We never know what we are going to wake up with in the morning!!

    Having only just in the last few days discovered this site, I have gone from feeling so very much alone and at the total mercy of the medical professionals to being more a mistress of my own destiny, lupus apart that it, and far more able with the advice and support of the members of this community to make my own decisions.

    Did you find the tree decorations?

    Love Kath

  • Today my son and I have put up most of the Xmas decorations and then I have hoovered the downstairs of my 4 bedroomed house. All the while my miserable husband has done nothing to help, doing his usual scrooge act. I am now sitting here feeling like crying with pain before I have to get up to get the tea. Tomorrow we are going to collect my other son from university, so that will be another long and exhausting day. I wish I was normal instead of being stuck inside this body. At this time of year I really miss my mum who died nearly 3 years ago, she always made me feel better with just a few words of encouragement.

    I will enjoy my Christmas despite my husband and wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a healthier New Year xx

  • Dear Kath Well done for your achievement I wish you every luck for the forthcoming holidays. From another Ayrshire resident. Hope you gets lots of toots in memory of your husband what a beautiful tribute xxx

  • Dear Jinty

    So many thanks for your good wishes, the lights are on the tree, ready to go at 0410 on the dot please!! (that's the late husband insisting on punctuality, though I doubt he could have spelt it, always being late for everything bless him). Even after all these last seven years not a day goes buy that I don't miss him and tomorrow morning is my visual tribute to him and our life together.

    Stand by for the wind horns from the truckers


    Love Kath

  • Hi, what a lovely way to remember your husband and he is more than likely watching you with pride for having such determination and spirit. Hope you have a fab Christmas xx

  • His mstr

    I hope he is watching, we have a lucky star too that I hope will be shining at four ish, should be as we are due minus eight or so tonight, so should be nice and starlit at the time.

    Thank you so very much for your kind wishes

    Love Kath

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