This isn't a question, I just wanted to share a discovery I made with regards to Oral thrush and I'm convinced it's an untapped resource!...I suffer for months at a time with oral thrush and Nystan never worked, nothing ever did. I also found that it was actually worse after brushing my teeth in the morning as it seemed all the chemicals were too harsh...after all thrush is an imbalance...we want to gently restore this (I'm all about balance)...so I started looking into natural ways to restore balance and tea tree oil and aloe vera kept coming up. I was stumped as to what products I should use to get these substances into my system...juice?..tablets?...then I thought natural toothpaste!....So I trotted down to H&B and looked at the monoflurophosphate free slection and most of them had tea tree and aloe vera!... (AloeDent is the main brand and the whole range is good)...so I tried it and it was fantastic!...wake-up, brush teeth and tongue...seems to totally sort it for the whole day....literally like a miracle cure - you have to keep using it but as long as you do (and avoid beer!) it keeps it at bay...no horrible taste, no white fur...nothing!....I haven't heard any Lupus Doctors come up with anything that works and my GP was so impressed he said he will mention it at the next info sharing thingy.....I need everyone to know about this because it works sooo well!...I also really cleans your teeth and freshens breath with real peppermint (bit more expensive but not as much as a £7.85 prescription for Nystan!)...I was curious as to whether it was the aloe or tea tree that did all the work but when I tried toothpastes with just one of those ingredients it didn't seem to work so well, it must be a combination of the two...studies need to be done!...The gel like texture also seems to be more benficial to the flora of the mouth than the usual harsher creams...try it people and let me know!!!

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  • NB...never knew so many others suffered with this...when I asked Rhematol he seemed perplexed by it!...How is it that we all seem to have common symptoms but Lupus doctors seem to be so unaware?...No matter how many times we tell them...don't they collate this information? The information is out there if they want it!!

  • Sorry to get off the topic of dental hygiene but I have Vasculitis (HUV so similar to Lupus) and am also a Trustee of the Vascultis UK charity. We have the same issues with Vasculitis symptoms.

    However, we have become aware of an initiative to set up a Vascultits registry; an anonymised database of clinical data from patients with systemic Vasculitis. Our chairman is now a patient representative on the UKIVAS study group and we are part funding the project. Our hope is that this could have a huge benefit for Vasculitis patients. Details are here :


    I don't know if there's a similar intitiative for Lupus but it might be worth someone from Lupus UK investigating. Happy to chat if there's anything Vasculitis UK could do to help.



  • Great! We can only hope lupus UK come up with something similar. :-):-)

  • i always use chemical free toothpastes shampoos etc for my daughter. she uses aloedent toothpaste and also a brand called kingfisher but her favourite is toms of maine tomsofmaine.co.uk. all about the same price

  • Excellent info. My mouth feels like the inside of a birdcage this morning, will definitely try it. Xx

  • Fantastic!! When I get it my mouth & gums are soooo sore.. Brushing my teeth can feel as if I'm using a razor blade, so thank you so much for posting! X

  • I am going to my doctors today, I will tell him about it. I also Grow Aloe plants for my bruises and burns and give them to friends. I will read up on the plants to see if they be used for anything else. Thanks for the tip.

  • Will try that smf...I have probs with thrush from time to time and it makes you feel unwell as my dental surgeon pointed out when I was wondering one time why I was feeling rough, she said it was the oral thrush.

    I use a moisturising toothpaste and mouthwash both prescribed by my dentist but I'm happy to buy as well..anything to ease that awful stickiness. Have shopped online at H&B a few times so will have a look for the toothpaste and let you know...

  • Yep, I tried those moisturising ones but they only seemed to last a few minutes until your saliva washes them away...the aloe tea tree toothpaste seems to balance the flora and stop the pain too for the whole day...hope it helps!xx

  • Its on order...should be here soon :)

  • H&B have the penny sale where you buy one get one fore a penny. Might be worth stocking up when the offer is on. Not sure when the next one will be as they have not long had it.

  • So glad I posted this now as I know how horrible it can be...hope it really works for all of you! xx :)

  • I find it very difficult to find toothpaste which is free of fluoride and peppermint! Peppermint burns my mouth and most toothpaste manufacturers seem to think we all want lots of it! I do use the Kingfisher one but I am not that keen on it though it is infinitely better than peppermint ones.

    Years ago I was able to get toothpaste in a tin. You wet your brush and rubbed it in the cake of powder and it was lovely. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called or whether I could still get it.

    I really hope you get rid of that awful Thrush. Such awful things we have to put up with because GPs just don't listen!

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