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Today was the opening of my universities summer show in which there was awards given out. I was given student of the year for the my year group of my course( I study film). I cant believe it, like literally i cant. I truely thought it was going to go to someone else in my year when my tutor was stood on the stage. As my prize they gave me a gift voucher that i can spend in like 50 different shops. I think im going to spend it on Amazon ether on books or a kpop cd.

Though yeah I posting this as I want to hopefully inspire people to carry on with the things they love even when it gets hard. During the second half of my year I want on three residential's to make films and somehow managed to got ill on all three of them. Then on deadline week I ended up spending four hours in A&E due to no fault of my own luckily in the end for nothing to serious. I was also hypersensitive to my own skin on the day I had to hand in all my work. Though I tried not to let any of it get in the way of my film degree as I just wanted to carry on doing the things I love regardless of what the situation might be. I did rest here and there but I tried not to do it often as I felt I did it at every hurdle that things just wouldn't get done. I cared far too much about my work and as a result I ended up being student of the year for my year group of my course. So yeah just thought i would share this happy moment with you peeps as i try and wrap my head round it all.

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  • Congratulations on your success.

    Bet you are well chuffed.



  • Lovely news, and a just reward for showing such guts and determination for keeping going when the going was tough.

    Great it has been recognised!! Enjoy spending your prize and bask in a comforting glow, you deserve it!!

    C xx

  • Thanks cuttysark. Im having a lot of fun looking at books to buy.

  • Thanks Crusee. it feels weird but at the same time I am a chuffed as it feels nice to know all my hard work has payed off.

  • The perseverance was worth it.

    The hard work certainly did pay off.



  • Well done, congratulations enjoy your prize. 👏

  • thanks. I'm hopping i'll get something I can enjoy for many years to come.

  • Fantastic effort. Congratulations to you xxx

  • thanks. =]

  • Well done you, all the best

  • thank you.

  • Well done. Keep up the Good work

  • thanks, i'll try to got my final year next year.

  • Well done. You are fantastic and a true pioneer. Please let us know when your first film is released and thanks for sharing. xxxx

  • Thank you so much. This year I mainly made travel films as thats what I would like to go into but next year for my final year I want to be able to make a short drama film. I have the work I made this year on here if you would like too see any of it.

  • Congratulations 😤.Hopefully you'll be able to get a job in the film industry when you finish your course.

  • thank you. I hope so too my aim is too make travel videos for a living.

  • Well done you!! Perseverance always pays off!!!

  • thanks =]

  • Well done that's fantastic. All the best for the future. I'm at the end of year 2 in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. It's been super tough but I'm getting there. Xx

  • thank you and well done keeping up with it too. I also just finished my second year.

  • Hi Seanto, I can feel your excitement in your post. You have been on a roller coaster ride, sickness on residential, then the dreaded deadline and you are in Accident and Emergency and you achieved student of the year, in your year group. I feel elated for you. Congratulations on your award, enjoy your voucher and a fantastic well done for sticking in there. Brilliant.

    Let us know when you are rich and famous


  • Thank you so much Smithfield. I'm glad your happy for me, I still cant quite it believe that i'm student of the year for my course. My health has really tried and tested me this year and I feel proud of what I have been able to do. I cant wait for next year to make even more films. Once again thanks, im currently looking at all the different books I could get, too many interesting ones.

  • You deserve to be proud of yourself. That is the problem with books to much choice. But browsing is good.


    Best wishes Smithfield

  • Well done you!!! My middle son is doing a degree in film and media studies - next year he's working on all film production modules - what a great thing to study! You must be very proud indeed and I'm certain it's well deserved.

  • Thank you for sharing. I believe you are right in continuing to do things you love. I go for short bike rides still because I love it and not ready to give it up. Thank you.


    HURRAH 💐🌟🚀🍾🎆🌈🍀😘

  • Congrats

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