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Hart palpitations

Hi everyone I've was diagnosed 3 year a go now .. I have trouble with heart palpitations sometimes feel light-headed dizziness IV also lost a lot of weight.. and my eyesight seems to be getting worse.. my hair is going very thin due to hair loss.i get very tired some days also get fog brain. My pain is manageable so not too bad throughout the winter will suffer from Ryman's. But overall doing ok.

Some times I have no problems at all I was diagnosed with a blood test when I was having a flare up.. with swelling and a rash all over where I have been in the sun... But reading the winter as I seem to have more problems in the winter than the summer.

Does anyone else have the same problems as me..

I don't take any medication and don't see the doctor very often this day ... Julie

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Please take all Aspartame out of your diet to rule it out as it will cause ALL of the symptoms you list.


Thanks I will do 👍


Hello Julie,

I see that you last posted here about 2 years ago, when you were experiencing "palpitations puffiness in my face and legs feeling extremely tired...headaches blurred vision"

Did that resolve without any treatment? Is it worse this time round? Have you sought medial advice? Thanks x


Hi julie1970,

It think it would be wise to see your doctor and have some tests done. It sounds as though you could be experiencing a lupus flare and if you are not on any medication you should at the very least be monitored.


I'm with Paul - Get to your Doctor and make sure there's a proper investigation into whats happening.

Apart from everything else you've described which sounds pretty awful - weight and hair loss is a classic early indicator of a flare for me. I live in Australia - and the sun has never - at least in a direct or obvious way that I've ever noticed - caused me a flare. We all have different patterns of illness.

Don't give up until you get treatment for whatever's going on.

Interpreting SLE pathology results can be very tricky - so its up to a Lupus Specialist to analyse a broad spectrum of measurements of all your bloods/immune system to work out whats actually going on. Its more complicated than just the ANA's in the blood stream.


I'd seriously ignore my next paragraph unless you come to a complete dead end after seeing multiple specialists because it does sound like something not to be taken lightly.

I've recently been diagnosed with POTs. Which is short for Positional Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome. It's non life threatening and can come and go in Lupus patients. Its usually diagnosed by a tilt table test - (not just lying down and standing up and having your blood pressure taken - this is a totally inadequate diagnostic method) but a lot of Doctors will try and diagnose you this way.

Here it's usually diagnosed via a neurologist, and or other specialists ? Doctors don't always know to look for this with Lupus patients - but its one of those things we can get sometimes. It can cause brain fog, fatigue, heart palpitations and weight loss.

It might be worth a mention if you get absolutely nowhere. Even with this diagnosis, I'm still not convinced I'm not having a flare too because its so similar ?!?

I'm still pushing for some double checking of my pathology results but all the Doctors are trying to re-assure me its not a flare.

Hope you get an answer as to why your'e having those symptoms soon.



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