Just wanted to share an experience I had. I have been getting heart palpitations as of late. My heart flutters in my chest. A very uncomfortable feeling. And worrisome. I thought it was low b12, but recently read that potassium helps to regulate our heart. I have a mitral valve prolapse as well. I keep waking up from naps with my heart racing and my hands shaking. Yesterday, I took a potassium supplement when my heart started palpitating. It stopped. Probably shouldn't work that fast, but later I took a nap and for the first time I didn't wake up shaking with my heart racing. One word of caution is it upset my kidneys a little because I have scarred kidneys. My theory is that our minerals are leaking out because our gut isnt working properly. Maybe it's just me with intestinal problems and not lupus at all. Just wanted to share. I am not on any medicine, and trying to figure things out naturally. Hope everyone is feeling well.

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  • I was getting awful evening and night time palpitations... large ones, as soon as I treated my Thyroid they stopped after 2 weeks. MaryF

  • tested for thyroid and they told me I was fine. Although my sister has hashimotos. Problem is everytime you are borderline (endo said I was slightly hypothyroid) they say you're fine and u don't need meds. That is partly why I do my own research. I don't want to take medicine anyway. Can't play around with iron to boost thyroid either. Dangerous. I won't try on my own. Thanks for your input.

  • Its a fine line with whether you should prompt the docs to provide you with the actual figures or not.

    There any many that say the reference ranges may not be realistic for everyone (or maybe anyone).

    But to ask for the figures may prompt a charge of being a hypochondriac. I tend to think that if you are somebody that can cope with the info, its possibly good to know.

    I can at present see blood results from my gp. But all the consultants i see will not volunteer info unless pressed.

    I too have read that palpitations can relate to a thyroid issue.

    But i am really of the opinion now that making correct food choices can help to allieviate many symptoms. Its also important to understand the way the food has been produced. And if you may be reacting to minute traces of systemic pesticides. Or possibly a lack of certain nutrients due to over processing. Theres also the fluoride added to water supplies in many areas that seems to correlate with widespread ill health.

    Interesting article on Mercola today

  • Overnite....I take digestive enzymes which I believe have improved my thyroid issues. I swallow better too. I don't drink my fluoridated water. I drink a bottle water with the lowest amt of fluoride possible. I don't think there is fluoride free water anywhere except from a river. I can't improve my eating any more than I do. I garden when I can, and buy organic when I can afford it. I have been eating preservative free food for 12 years from trader joes. I was born with mitral valve prolapse and cannot change the physicality of my heart. My brother who also has a prolapse, believes cutting out caffeine helps with palpitations. I don't drink caffeine. Thanks for the info.

  • What about your iron and FBC? I had horrendous palpitations, breathlessness and racing heart when I was anaemic.

  • Thanks Shazzer. I need to check my iron for sure. What is FBC?

  • Full Blood Count.

  • My full blood count is fine. Gp always says everything looks ok, I was having trouble breathing again today , just took an iron supplement and feel better. Wow! I wish I knew this awhile ago as I have been having scary moments of catching my breathe trying to figure out what is happening. Thanks Shazzer.

  • Maybe you should still ask did your iron to be checked. The therapeutic iron you get on prescription is a lot stronger than the supplements you buy over the counter. It be as dangerous to overload on iron as to have too little.

  • Shazzer Is iron different than RBC?

  • Yes. You can become iron deficient before it shows up in your full blood count. considering my low iron count my blood count wasn't too bad but it was getting worse and being iron deficient made me quite ill.

  • Good to know Shazzer....I always feel better after taking an iron supplement. I need to get blood work..

  • You need adequate vit c for iron absorbtion

  • I have been recently taking vit c

  • Hi natural

    your not on your own I have the same problem and have a hypothyroidism problems. Sometimes it feels worse but you I've not been told to change any medication


  • Thanks ajanjua

  • Hi Natura

    You can have problems with absorption of vitamins and minerals due to intestinal problems. Also just learn't that anaemia can be caused by our connective tissue diseases as I'm going thru similar problems to you . I think you ought to get your blood count tested as you shouldn't self medicate with iron and it would also reveal your potassium levels that can cause heart symptoms. Good luck. X

  • I agree. I remember my grandmothers mantra of 32 chews for every mouthful. One for every one of your teeth. It was probably said to stop us kids from bolting our food.

    Its also a good way of teaching little 'uns to count. :-)

    But a book i have been reading recently said similar. I get a lot of acid reflux and the book suggested a possible reason to be improperly digested food possibly aided by inadequte mastication.

    Its early in the experiment but i have been trying to chew for longer and my bowel presentations are appearing more normal than usual.

  • Overnite...I have been told my a naturopath to chew 40 times. I tried that, and it does help. Just too impatient to do everytime I eat. I grew up with 12 siblings, and I think food was cold faster, and we grabbed food and ate fast. ha! But, the acid reflux is from a hiatal hernia, I believe. Most of my siblings have confirmed having this. Which leads me to genetic problems. I believe you can ease it by not eating sugar ever again, which Is difficult. Digestive enzyme took away by reflux. I went off the enzyme for a week to save money, and the reflux was back. Good advice. I realized last night I was not chewing my food correctly.

  • I agree misty

  • Hi Natura,

    I had a terrible time with heart arrhythmia and coronary artery spasms which was partly caused by chronic low potassium. I have Sjogrens and suspected Lupus and it can cause the kidneys to lose potassium.

    I lose so much I have to take 5grams of potassium a day in effervescent tablets or I have leg cramps and the irregular heart beat.

    I have been taking the potassium like this for the last five years and now have no heart arrhythmia.

    My doctor tested it regularly over a few months and if I stopped the supplement it plummeted again.

    There could be, as others have said, lots of causes for heart arrhythmia not just potassium so I would get it checked out at the doctor.I just wondered since you said you have scarred kidneys whether that could be the cause. There is no actual treatment for it just supplementing the potassium.

    Hope You get it sorted out soon.

    Take care C x

  • Thank you cutty.....afraid to take the potassium again though. My kidneys were defintely producing less fluid. I got some pain too. Need to find a new dr. Not giving up...

  • Very interesting, thank you for sharing, it's always good to know.

  • If we are what we eat you all need to watch this.

    Unless you were one of the lucky ones who knew all this already and thought it was irrelevant

    Where have all the minerals gone?

    Is that why supplementation seems to help?

    If you can't see the link, Google Engineered food and your health. The nutritional status of GMOs. There is a YouTube video by Thierry Vrain, a retired biologist and genetic engineer.

  • overnite...I will look at. I know all about GMO's. I always wonder why so many people have problems today. And not even old people. My sister who lives in the Netherlands always says to me, " why do you know so many sick people" ....they must not have GMOs there. I suppose England is doing GMOs as well. I thought vaccinations were to blame. I do watch what I eat and the health food store in our town that is GMO free is packed all the time. In fact, I found non GMO vegetable seeds in there yesterday and need to run back and get some. I plan on making a larger garden this year. But, minerals in the soil is important. I could pick up some horse manure from a friend, but don't know if I missed my window yet. Also, read on farmers market how you need chickens to eat the bugs off the manure. Hence, my wanting to start a chicken coup, but not sure my neighbors would like hearing a rooster every morning. Ha!

    Doing the best we can, but my mother had colitis and died at 48. So, there is something genetic going on too. I believe It is a combination of things. Our lousy polluted environment and again, my reason to want to move to a healthier environment but cant find one in the US that hasn't been fracked, nuclear power plants, or any other misfortune come upon the land by humans. Its sad. I have been worrying my entire life about our environment. I can only tackle what I can.

    Thanks for sharing and caring!

  • Overnight...this is so disturbing...

  • Have tried 3 Times to reply and lost reply twice.

    Bear with the initial technical info in the video and you will be left gasping.

    Why don't we know about this stuff?

    Think Netherlands is gmo free

  • Not sure overnight..,,just know they seem to be healthier people in other countries. The USA is overweight and sickly. Friends of ours, wife had breast cancer, and husband celiac (in their 40s) They are treating celiac with chemo. Can't believe that. Both my neighbors have thyroid nodules. One had her gallbladder removed in her 40s. The other thought to have fibromyalgia. My brother in law, sister, my husband and I have herniated discs, degenerative discs. We are in our 50s. Something's not right.

  • Saw something even more disturbing yesterday but want to read more to work out if it might have validity or not.

    Can't quite believe all this stuff but it does appear to have a basis. I had always been active and ate an apparently good well balanced diet. Then all of a sudden on my death bed and organs failing.

    It's almost as if I went shopping for the long list of medical labels I accrued.

    I have a hard time accepting that so many people have genetic life altering conditions that have appeared in relatively recent years. Genetic changes should take generations.

    Keep reading and read the comments sections on pages. There are often valuable snippets of info and extra links to follow.

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